What will visitors face when going to the USA?

Have anyone who doesn’t own American citizenship visited the USA recently?

I am really curious about the use of finger and retinal printing or other biometric scrutiny of visitors, like subcutaneous tattooing.

(Abridged from news)
Decline Seen in Science Applications From Overseas

Bucking a trend that dates to the end of World War II, the number of foreign students applying to graduate and doctoral programs in science at American universities is declining broadly, according to a survey of 130 such programs released here today.

The General Accounting Office study said the nation’s system for issuing visas for research in sensitive areas was unnecessarily slow and cumbersome.

For example, it said, while the State Department, the F.B.I. and the Department of Homeland Security are all involved in researching candidates for visas, the three agencies do not have data systems that can work with each other. In addition, the report said, it takes the State Department two weeks just to notify consular officials abroad once it has cleared a candidate to receive a visa.

The tougher screening has drawn criticism from some scholars. Giorgio Agamben, an Italian professor of philosophy and political theory, chose not to teach a seminar at New York University, saying he could not accept the use of finger and retinal printing or other biometric scrutiny of visitors, like subcutaneous tattooing.

一些學者也批評趨嚴的過濾方式,義大利籍哲學與政治理論教授Giorgio Anamben,就放棄在紐約大學教授一學期的計劃,他無法接受對訪客使用指紋與視網膜,或是像皮下刺青這種其他生物特徵數值的搜查。

The survey of universities, done by Mr. Johnson’s organization and others representing institutions of higher education, found that 59 percent of some 130 research universities and doctoral programs were seeing declines in applications from overseas students, while 28 percent said the number of foreign applications showed no significant changes. About 11 percent said they saw an increase.

The survey also polled the 25 research and doctoral institutions that enroll the most foreign students. Nineteen responded, all saying their foreign applications were down, most by more than 10 percent.

What’s the big deal about fingerprinting? It takes about 3 minutes, max. It’s no more an “invasion of privacy” than getting photographed. Compared to having to shit in a glass tube and having needles jab two vials of blood taken out of me every year just so I can continue to stay in Taiwan, I don’t think U.S. procedures for foreigners are all that stringent.

How secure is the database for fingerprints and biometric data?
Is it possible for criminals or foreign governments to get that information and use it?

The Spanish Inquistion

The loons even created a machine to scan for shoe bombs:
cleveland.com/news/plaindeal … 178150.xml

Soon for travel to the US they will issue you clothes for the flight (so you don’t have to go nude - you might have a shirt bomb or a underpants bomb) and pre-boarding will involve oral and anal probes.