What work is available for those without a degree?

I will soon go to TW with my taiwanese gf. We’ve been together for the past 4 years so there’s no way we going to break up because she is going back home.
But, I can’t teach English there since I don’t have a college diploma nor university degree.
All i have are certificates…Lots of them that I don’t think they will be needed in TW (e.g. FAC, security license, outdoor survival…).
I checked out some governmental websites which say that TW needs only high-tech folks and English teachers.
I was wondering what else I could possibly do there and a person like me who only has high school, how he is going to get the work permit.
I speak Hungarian, Romanian, and English, and I have been self-employed doing contract-based construction piece work.
I appreciate those who could give me some sorts of suggestion.


  1. Study Chinese (short term option, and not so easy to work while you’re doing it).
  2. Set up a company (only an option if you’re rich).
  3. Get married.

Without a college degree or significant professional experience, you will not get a work permit without doing one of the above.

Hope it works out for you.

I’m not sure what you could do here given your education. Of course, you could always marry the girl and then that would open a lot of different options. You basically get to do whatever you want once your married

You are going to need a visa if you want to stay longer than 30 days and avoid leaving every month. You can leave every 30 days and come back in only for so long before they stop letting you get those 30 day entry stamps.

So, what can you do?

Option 1:
Get a degree! Seriously, you two have been together for 4 years. If you relationship is that strong, stay in the states for another 2 years and get at least your associates degree. WOrk on a TEFL certificate too at the same time. That is the bare minimum needed for a work visa here.

Option 2:
Get married. You can have open work rights through marraige and you can do just about anything you want.

Option 3:
Enroll at a language school here. Check up on scholarships. Or go to a University here and get yourself a 4 year degree. Again, check up on scholarship options.

The way I see it. Those are your only 3 options. Good luck!

Get married(I did) if you don’t like the idea of being apart for 2 years while you get your degree in the States.

It’s very true about the high-tech industry & English teaching.I’ve been here 5 years now.

Quarters and Taiwanderer: The OP never said he was in the States.