What would be an acceptable approach for hastening up a registration process?

I’ve called Shida today, to find out if my admittance letter was sent yet, and it has not. Considering the plane ticket is for about two weeks from now, this becomes a serious problem. If something like this would happen around here, I’d know exactly how to deal with it, what to say and how. But as it comes to Taiwan I’m somewhat hesitant about the right approach.
If I was told that someone should email me today or tomrrow so I could ask him about this, would you reckon it’s ok to call them on the phone or email someone else and ask? Obviously if the letter is not sent in the next couple of days I can forget about the whole thing :frowning:

Call them. Tell them your waiting for it. Maybe it helps, but I’m afraid not. It won’t hurt though, so do it.

be persistent. get the name of your contact there. use the name often in your daily check-in calls with them. have a smiley voice but let em know you gotta have it ASAP.

in other words:

nag, nag, nag.

Turns out nagging wasn’t really needed as they were quite efficient and responsive :slight_smile:. All is well.