What would friend with ARC be responsible for?

Does anyone know what a ARC-holding friend would be responsible for if I would use his ARC # and use him as a reference for a 60-day visitor visa? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

I am not entirely sure that I understand your question.

However, if this ARC-holding Taiwan friend is going to be listed on your tourist visa application form as a “reference,” then I assume that (normally speaking) he would be expected to be able to deal with your financial matters if you run out of money, i.e.
(1) bear final responsibility for your living and lodging expenses,
(2) bear final responsibility for your airplane expenses off the island when your visa is ready to expire . . . .

It goes without saying that with a 60 day tourist visa you cannot become employed legally. Hence, in the above listing I have not elaborated upon this “reference” bearing final responsibility for (a) payment of taxes on your earned income, (b) liability for you violating the employment laws, and © other related matters.

I don’t think your ARC holding friend would be responsible for anything. I assume your question relates to the bottom question on the visitor visa form where it requests “Particulars of Reference in Taiwan (if applicable).” The form I am referring to can be found here: http://www.roc-taiwan.org/public/Attachment/610316504271.pdf If so, this question appears to be for reference only and most likely to determine the legitamacy of your visa request and to help locate you in Taiwan if the need arises. With regard to the above post’s response, there is no indication that your friend is guaranteeing anything on your behalf.