What would you have done differently?


For all ya’ll older folks that have been in Taiwan a long time.

What would you have done differently from age 30-40 while living in Taiwan.

or age 40-50, 30-50 whatever the time period is!

Please share your words of wisdom. :brain:


I would have started playing softball earlier. Really enjoying hanging out on Sunday arvos with my buds.

With ice time for hockey getting sparser and sparser, I really am happy we started a ball team, even if we are getting mercied out of every game. Surprised how, otherwise decent athletes can suck so bad at such a simple game. Still, having a blast watching these guys that light me up on a regular basis, have routine pop flys elude them.

Other than that, I pretty much love my history on the rock.


I busted my knee so stopped doing a lot of sports. I should not have used that as an excuse in my 30s.
Now in my early 40s getting back into gym and swimming and can run a bit which I was surprised at. Should have done it years earlier. Thinking about cycling .

When you get a bit older different joints wear out it’s just part of the game of aging , can adapt and still be very active. Keeping weight down supposedly reduces the wear and tear. Also reduces your risk of developing a host of diseases.

Giving up smoking was the one real good move in my 30s. Drinking is proving a bit more difficult, I suspect if I cut back on that or completely stop it could give me a significant energy boost .


Get yourself on TRT, I’ll probably go that route at age 30-35+. Returning your testosterone back to the levels of your youth is possible today. Why not? You’ll feel better, lower risks of depression, more sexual drive, sleep better, more energy, muscle recovery from exercising and many more.

And no trt does not make you into a pro bodybuilder. It just give you around the level of someone in their 20s.


When I was in my late twenties, I saw the writing on the wall (hated my job and was getting nowhere fast), and decided to change direction completely. I finally got everything together and started with a totally different degree at 32. If I could change things, I would have started earlier. No real regrets, but that late start in my career has shaped (and will continue to shape) things for the rest of my life.

If you don’t like your situation, change it. But don’t wait too long. However, if you do wait too long, things do tend to work out in the end. Anyway, better than not having made the change for sure.


I would have never joined Forumosa and had a lot more freetime :unamused:


Health and fitness? I just wish Taipei air was less polluted so I would not feel so self conscious about exercising outside. I exercise less because of the unhealthy air.


Taipei is not that polluted. It just rains too much.


for any age (not as old as requested)

do yoga
master Chinese
travel to cool places


Save more money.

Should have bought the house when I could.

Lose weight.