What would you like to read about?


Guys, need some help finding a topic for my annual original article. What would you like to know about Taiwan? Could be related to Latin America and Taiwan. Between sleep deprivation due to sick cats and general down mood, finding topics has become harder than usual.

I have done food, coffee, tourism, religion, history, etc. Anything you are curious about but dunno where to ask.


Taiwan at the crossroads, Tsai Yingwen vs. the rise of the pro-China, rightwing blowhards…

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Eh, politics might be too hard. I am not writing news like McDonalds is not selling chocolate sundaes anymore but my current boss recoils from hard analysis. Not enough clicks.

And we all know FB and IG is all that matters.

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All the young go-getters who came here for an education then went back to their home country and made an impact there.

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An article about the ship wrecks on the coast of Taidong.

Top 10 best night markets in Taiwan, #3 will give you gonorrhea

Does Neihu really exist?

History of native population of Lanyu and the difference in life compared to “mainland” Taiwan (plenty of meimei there, so if you need photos and pay for my trip, I volunteer as tribute)


Done already. Scholarship people are doing really well. Several ministers among them. Social enterprises. Really cool stuff.

medical staff is already in teh hundreds.

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We have done some pieces about the early contacts between the Spaniards and the local indigenous population. they mostly ended with a Spanish head as a trophy.

Shipwrecks there were plenty. we did a piece on the excavations around Keelung and northern Taiwan for Spanish ships.

Recently there have been some new printings of 17th century books, the first dictionaries of local languages and Spanish and the first books translated from chinese to Spanish. Cool stuff but not much to say.


so Lanyu people didn’t fall for the cultural enrichment meme? Now I see why I enjoyed my trip there, even though my access to meimeis was verboten…

The ship wrecks in taidong are cool but a pita to reach, haven’t been there yet.

Could you write an article about the cultural and social influence of K-Man?

If you’re not in a rush to write it,my prediction is that this year there will be at least one huge typhoon in TW (think Saudelor), that could bring up some stories.

Maybe something about sports that aren’t baseball?


I already wrote an article about traditions related to typhoons, how people organize to help afterwards, Morakot, etc.

There are many remnants of contact between Spanish and the aboriginals. Lanyu might have benefited from isolation.


I’ve always been curious at the attitudes towards the Taiwanese language . The younger trendies seem to look down on it ( lower class connotations I fear). Taipei dislikes it’s use and yet Taiwanese is still used extensively in other regions .

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Fkn lol.


I could write about the presence of Spanish words in Taiwanese, but that does not sound very exciting.


Haven’t seen any articles about that missing Japanese gold in a while.

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What Japanese gold? I have heard about the mythical gold CKS brought in from China but nothing about japanese leaving here anything that was not repurposed.


Treasure hunters have been looking for it for years.


Mmm… seems like a stretch, unless someone has really found something.


It’s not anything I need to know more about, but betel nut, betel nut girls, shady KTVs, KTV girls, drugs and crime always get people going. With crime the stranger the better.

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That I can get into. Perferably with contacts that I can use for ugh… independent verification.


You need something you enjoy. “We need more hairy men in Taiwan” :slightly_smiling_face:


A good investigator always verifies independently. “Hands on” is always better. :slight_smile:

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