What!?!? You paid how much for a ticket to where?!?!

Everyone was talking about the great deal to Bali last month for $8888, which includes 5days/4nights all exclusive plus round trip airfare with a travel group! How wonderful is that!

I tried booking a ticket but unfortunately it was full. So I looked around a bit and found that theres some pretty hot deals happening right now.

Couldn’t get the Taipei to Vancouver flight for $11,000+tax with Cathey Pacific but settled for $16,350 (including tax) with China Airlines.

Is anyone else getting some good packages right now?

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Taipei to Amsterdam returning from Rome for $16,500!!

Singapore Airlines is running a special promotion now. RT tickets London-Singapore are running for about $280US. I think it’s about the same LA-Singapore.

The Bali tickets are haywire at the mo’. I’m going next month and the cheapest i can find is NT$9,200 but that is via HK. The EVA direct flights are a shocking NT$18,000!!

Regarding Bali, just do what I usually do from Taiwan. Get a RT to Jakarta. After arrival (immigration etc is much easier there), just run upstairs and buy a domestic ticket to Bali. Flights average about once every 1 1/2 hours and they are cheap. In Denpasar you’re a domestic arrival and don’t have to stand in long lines or put up with the petty BS they like to inflict in Bali.

Semebody told me there are specials for Guam

7K-11K flight tickets (internet)

14K - 20K package per person (internet)

check ezfly.com.tw & startravel.com.tw

i got meself a return to bangkok for NT5500. i was pretty chuffed 'bout that!

I took the via HK flight (Cathay) last year. I’d say do it as the transit is brief, and you get all the great shopping in HK airport. Just why EVA is always so outrageously expensive, I can’t fathom.

Regarding DFS, shopping in CKS must be about the world’s worst for an international airport.

I love the title of this thread and think it is great idea to post the plane ticket deals we find, thus helping each other to find the cheapest price or special deals. Maybe this can even be a sticky thread.

Anyway, here goes, I am going to Europe starting this Saturday or Friday night. I want to fly either in and out of Frankfurt, or in Frankfurt and out another city. The best deal I found so far is Luthansa for NT$21,000 or Singapore NT$22,500. Anyone know of any other better deals? I could also fly in and out of Amsterdam or Brussels. I am visiting family in western Germany and then traveling to someplace nearby for about 9 days total. Any other plane deals?

When do tickets move out of high-season rates? The beginning of September or later? (I’m also interested in getting to Frankfurt or perhaps Prague in the not too distant future.)

Hey Cranky, I also wanted to go to Prague, but my Taiwanese wife needs 5 days for a Czech visa and two days for the German visa so there there is not enough time to get them both. Next time. So much for spur of the moment trips.

Hey NT$21,000 is still pretty darn cheap isn’t it? I always thought it cost more to fly to Europe. Does anyone know if those crazy prices of US$280 RT to London via Singapore air are still valid? That sounds too good to be true? What about that NT$16,500 to Amsterdam. I really don’t believe these prices are real!

I’m looking at flying to the UK in mid September and am being quoted 30K+ because that is high season (“conference season”) for Europe.

It was real. That’s what I paid. Oh, but it was Cathay Pacific, which was crap. Delayed 6 hours. Bad food. Bad service. But how much can you complain at that price?

Granted it was some years back and I have posted this elsewhere but. My 14 grand one year open return to Australia - Tpe with Viet Airlines was my personal wet dream. Paid again a couple of times a couple of year’s later and it had gone up to NT$17,000. Great airline and a compulsory stop in Saigon. Cool.

Haven’t done it in a couple of years, or enquired, but I’d imagine it’s still a good deal. I heard they had great prices for Taipei-Paris with s stop in Hanoi. Yes please! I did actually try to get this route and as I recall it was really cheap (can’t remember how cheap) but there a three month wait!


Thanks for posting those deals. Where did you get them? I usually just book through Interlink, and all the tickets and flights have never been a problem up to now. But the prices are quite a bit a higher than what you guys quote here.

So, please, if you don’t mind, could you also post your sources here?


The ezTravel Web site (no English) usually lists some good deals.

I got mine from ringing around the travel agents posted in one of the English newspapers and speaking Chinese. Not that I thing the latter was of any help. I really forget which . . . Champions?


www.ysticket.com It’s in Chinese.

FYI, Interlink quoted me 16,800 today return to Sydney on VA travelling end Oct, but 16,200 to Hanoi only :shock:

There is a reason why Vietnam Airlines is cheap. They have a very bad reputation for cancelling flights.