Whatever happened to purse dogs?

Remember when women used to carry little dogs in their purses? Whatever happened that that. I still people with little dogs in bags or carriages occasionally, but I used to see purse dogs everywhere for years. Has that trend passed? Poor little buggers.

Ladies got tired of cleaning the crap out of their purses…


Probably a lot of them reached the end of their happy little lives and passed on, and the owners are just too heartbroken to get another.

At least, that’s the case for my cousin. She used to have a little purse maltese. Died about six months ago and she’s still a wreck. RIP Jasmine :cry:


Still around. I took this on the HSR a few months ago. Two dogs in the bag. I tried to get a pic. of two small heads, quite cute , sticking out of the bag but they moved.

Not a purse dog, but there’s a lady who lives in my neighborhood who has an enormous blue parrot that she takes around the block on her shoulder. It’s very beautiful.

Don’t those birds tend to live so long that you die before they are expected to and actually have to will them to someone else? god, I wish dogs were like that…


First class of course

Yes them big birds live like 90 years

nope i still see plenty of people with dogs in bags, prams and carrying them around as if they are a human baby. i mean its better than eating dogs but its still a pretty retarded situation.

That’s a bit of an exaggeration. More like 50 years.

I read that wild macaws live an average of sixty years while captive ones live 35 to 50
But the oldest captive bird lived to be 112 years old

Who’s right now ? :pig:

I think it depends on the trend of popular dogs. In taiwan every couple of years we get a particular breed that suddenly becomes popular and it starts to show up everywhere. A few years ago it was those tiny sausage dogs with long hair (like a dachshund, but with long fur), and since they’re really tiny i’ve seen plenty of them inside purses/bags etc.
In the last couple of years we’ve had he shiba inu craze, and while not a large breed they’re not easily pockettable.
If in a year or two some tiny dog breed becomes popular, we may see a rise in purse dogs.

In Yilan the most popular breeds tend to be:

a) Black dog
b) Brown/white dog
c) Dog of someone from Taipei



under 15kg =/= dog

15 to 30kg = 1/512th of a dog

35kg+ = dog


That dog is their baby, too.

There’s nothing stupid about taking good care of an animal.

I tried to explain this concept when I arrived in Taiwan. All those purse dogs are more like mice or rats.

Carrying a dog around in a purse instead of letting it walk is not good for it.

Normally I’d agree with you, but it’s not really fair to a big breed to live in a tiny apartment. True dog lovers won’t get a large dog because they know it’ll suffer. They’ll settle for a smaller one.

If I had it my way I’d have the two huge rottweilers that I want. But I just don’t have the space for them here…

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Little dogs don’t need quite as much exercise as the large ones. I think it’s reasonable to carry your small dog when you’re walking in a public area that isn’t a park, the sidewalk, or other wide open space.

Honestly, a lot of Taiwanese people don’t train their dogs properly, or don’t put them on leashes at all. So I would also rather keep my small dog closer to me in the event that someone else’s dog tries to eat it or something.

Some of them are like hamsters that can bark. They can be cute, but not really my thing.

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But lots of those little dogs get no exercise at all. It’s not a coincidence that there’s a dog obesity epidemic in Taiwan.