What's a good church to get married in?

Has anyone done this here? I was thinking of going to the church in Tamshui. i really liked the one shown in the movie “Shuang Tong” but now, on second thought, maybe that’s not a good idea.

I know there are a lot of churches near Da An park as well.

Many of the churches here seem evangelical. Does any one know of any problems if you’re a mixed religion couple (I’m Baptist and she’s Buddhist) getting married in a church here?


Mr C,

There is a lot to be said for doing two ceremonies. First, the legal one for the bureaucrats (registry office?) and second, the ceremony that you want. The latter being far more important in my book.

If you do it this way, you could combine both baptist and buddhist elements (get baptist/buddhist friends to conduct the ceremony.) Then the choice of location is entirely yours - beach, wedding hall, hotel, mountains…

Just a thought.

Thanks for the advice. Two cermonies might be the way to go so we’ll check into it. Thanks!


There is no ‘legal’ ceremony. You have a feed, that;s your ceremony. You sign a certificate and take it to the household registration, that;s the legal bit.

As for mixing Christian and Buddhist elements, most Buddhists don’t have any ‘Buddhist’ elements in the ceremny anyway. What you need to be balancing here is the (very important) expectations of your inlaws (hotel or restaurant, the whole ‘Chiense wedding’ thing - just let them mostly have there way here), with what you want for your wedding. In my case this was a traditional Chinese sit-down restaurant wedding, with only very minor alterations for us, followed by a piss-up in the Presidential suite of a hotel, whihc was a party for my family, firends and us. For you it might mean the traditional wedding and then running off to the church toi have done in the ‘eyes of God’ the next day or something.


I get your point run-machine.

The best wedding I saw came in two bits - first, a registry office, where the magistrate gets to say his bit and the couple make a pledge which is legally binding (hence legal ceremony - bad choice of words perhaps.)

Then, another ceremony, conducted by friends, no celebrant, nothing. No one who is legally permitted to carry out a wedding ceremony of any sort. But who gives a stuff, eh? That way, you can say/do anything. it all comes down to what the couple/families want to incorporate.