What's a good hardware firewall

ok I already got zonealarm which is software firewall…thinking about getting a hardware firewall for extra security…actually exactly what’s the diff between software and hardware? I think hardware is like better? can someone recommend one? thanks a lot…it’s for home use

I think hardware firewalls are included in most routers these days. I recommend having both, but hardware definitely.

I recommend the Buffalo ones. They are very reliable, robust, and easy to setup.

someoen recommended vigor 2104 and 2100VG …anyone got those?

A hardware firewall, typically blocks everything, or let’s traffic into your LAN only through the ports that you allow. It does not separate between programs, only between IP addresses. Typically they come with network address translation (NAT), this gives you additional security, because someone trying to intrude your LAN needs to know the internal network structure. But NAT also causes some problems with MSN, file sharing clients, and you need to configure your firewall correctly, to get networking software to work.

Software firewalls, can allow traffic on a program basis. But don’t feel too safe. Modern trojan horses are capable of disableing software firewalls. So if you get one via email, it might open all sorts of ports. So, they are no real protection.

Get any router, WLAN router, and you should have an okay hardware firewall. Typically, brand name routers are a little more expensive, but they over more configuration options.