What's a good laptop

[quote=“blueface666”]I want want of these:


A real laptop! :smiley:[/quote]

Jesus Christ! I used to work for sun and I didn’t even know that they made laptops! Solaris, UltraSparc, and everything, wow! tho probably not very practical unless you’re a unix person, this machine seems really cool. If I was rich I’d get one just cuz its cool.

Here’ another slant on the laptop front - The best kind of laptop is one that is at the bottom of a river. As soon as you get a laptop your freedom goes out the window. Your work will follow you home much easier than before. Your boss will calll you and ask you to send him info by email that is stored on your computer. The next time I encounter this problem my notebook is going into the nearest river.

Plus if you need to lug it everywhere, it’s gonna cost you in sore muscles and bad backs. Plus anxiety where you want to leave it when you take a bathroom break.

And GREAT news from Tadpole! :smiley:



It really depends on what software you use. I went to a job fair about two months ago and had to get paper copies of my resume; the print shop had a Mac. Fortunately, she had MS-Office for Mac on it. UNfortunately, it royally screwed up the formatting. Fortunately, she also had a PC on hand for just such emergencies, and it worked fine.

I don’t know what specific software versions she had, but it was one of the newer Mac models, and the PC was running WinXP/OfficeXP.

So, anyway, I’d run some tests if I were you, or export to Adobe Acrobat (which is supposed to be identical on every platform).

[quote=“chichodude”]get an IBM, light, good quality and at a competitive price,
take a look at any T-Zone store :sunglasses:


But don’t dual boot. IBM don’t give you real OS disks. And when trouble strikes, they don’t always work.


Does anyone have any experience with the Asus D1? It’s a laptop replacement with an external battery.
It was about $40k or $45k with CDRW.
Pros: desktop CPU ~ 2.5 Ghz (upgradeable but voids warranty?)
512 MB ram
2 year warranty
lots of features

Cons: big & heavy; external battery

I also saw an Acer laptop with a 17" LCD… I think that it might have had cable/tv input…