What's a good starting salary for a English copywriting job in Taiwan?

I recently interviewed and received an offer for NT$65,000/month and I have no prior experience as a copywriter.


Take it.



In your view, what would’ve been insufficient? anything below NT$60,000/month?

Yes. Especially with no experience. But with a few years you’ll be able to demand more.

I was thinking I should’ve bid NT$70,000/month? but 65k is still great.

Well… They offered $65000 you said.
So perhaps it’s not closed?

You could probably counter a few more thousand.

I’ll consider it. But I definitely wouldn’t go above NT$70k :laughing:

You will want to when you get antsy in a few years.

but not now

That’s the monthly but any idea on year end bonuses? They can sweeten the deal somewhat.

But if you have no experience then 65 is fine. Just make sure to leverage the position as much as possible, pick up skills as much as possible, network etc.


This is a great starting salary. After a couple of years, if you don’t get a raise at your company, you’ll be able to get more than that elsewhere. Starting salaries for jobs like that for foreigners in Taiwan often hover over the minimum required to get the visa.

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I’m a Taiwanese citizen but I’m a third culture kid

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The year end bonus is equal to 3 months’ pay.



That’s more than fair if you have no experience and a BA/BS, and average if you have an advanced degree. However, there are regulations if you need a work permit. If you have a master’s degree or better you’re qualified. Otherwise, you need 2 years of experience. If you have an open work permit, an ARC by marriage, or other work rights.

Not if they’ve already made the offer. Maybe if you want to roll the dice that they’re desperate, which is possible as editing jobs are hard to fill. But these companies have standard salaries depending on experience and education.

@therainmaker Care to tell us what company it is, or what type? Is it just editing or writing as well?

Saw this later. That’s beyond fair. You got a good deal. 1 month’s pay is the most I’ve known of a publishing company to give as a bonus.


Did this job require a certain level of proficiency in Mandarin? That is an impressive starting pay with no previous experience.

You don’t need two years relevant experience anymore. It’s pretty easy to get a waiver for that.

Then how does he get a 65K salary. He has no experience and he’s a local.

The old uncle connection is it? :thinking:

Right place, right time, nailed the interview, ticked the boxes, made a good impression? It happens sometimes.