What's a good starting salary for a English copywriting job in Taiwan?

I’m guessing he has one or more of the following:

  • Previous writing experience unrelated to copywriting
  • Specialist knowledge of the topics he’ll be writing about
  • native level Chinese + English (so can write in both)

I’m still suprised as he’s a Taiwanese citizen, but that isn’t a typical Taiwanese wage. Nice work*!

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As others have said, this is a great salary.

my uncle doesn’t even have any connections to the publishing industry whatsoever.

But can you speak/read in Mandarin or do you have adjacent experience? It is pretty confounding to me you were able to score this without bringing at least one of those to the table

Nahhh. Not needed that much.


I can speak/read Mandarin


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That pay is not bad for Taiwan for that job and guaranteed three extra months is really good.
But seriously folks, fresh off the boats were making close to that over 20 years ago for similar jobs.
It’s just that the pay went down after the year 2000 and stagnated for years.

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You’re a good hire, then, even without experience. Brush up on your grammar skills and whatever other skills are required for the job, like if you’re doing educational or academic publications. And get used to sitting down for a long, long time and following stupid office procedures. If you can do an editing job well, it’s stable work, it beats teaching English, and you’ll have a new skill you can use anywhere. If you’re lucky, they don’t notice if you’re on Forumosa a couple times during the day.

If you want to practice editing, see this thread:


Acer offered me 40,000nt. 7am-7pm. :rofl:


Are you a native speaker? I’ve seen non-publishing companies offering poor salaries in the past, but they don’t all require native speakers.

Yup I’m from the US. Acer’s pay across the board is pretty low. Other companies definitely pay more.

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Are you an ABC?

That’s a local Taiwanese salary offer!

Lol no. I’m so white I’m almost blue.



Not possible. Has to be 48K for a big nose.

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He’s one of the White Chinese from Harbin so he is a ROC National.


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If I was any whiter I’d be clear.

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I hope they’re still alive.