What's a VPN that is Torrent Friendly

Does anyone have any recommendations for a VPN that will allow full google access in PRC?

Would suggest you ExpressVPN, it is best for Torrent offering best speed. You can keep your personal identity anonymous with its Anonymous vpn software. PureVPN is another good VPN for torrenting offer dedicated p2p servers as well as port forwarding addon.

I use NordVPN, but don’t torrent. Cheap price for 3 years on a monthly basis.

Question, as we recently got a stop downloading warning from our provider. Does this hide the IP, or if they really want to find you, they will?

Please excuse vast ignorance. :oops:

What is the warning specifically?
Is it warning about the download amount? Or a non-specific warning?
And, what are your typical download amounts? And this is Taiwan or other country’s ISP?
Some ISPs in the U.S. say they allow “unlimited” downloading, but then actually state they have a breakpoint of like 1TB per month, at which they actually start charging a fee. I guess they figure most people won’t surf/dowload stuff over 1TB per month.

How did you receive a warning? Email or phone call or something?

I’m in the US, NY. I believe it said our data shows that we were downloading illegal content…movies most likely.


looks like an ISP could “in theory/practice” know what you are downloading depending on the security of the VPN.


Yeah, that’s what I thought. If they want to get ya, they’ll get ya.

That’s what I get for repeatedly trying to dl The Quiet Place after I missed it at the theater. :doh:

Hi! I need some help. I found a list of VPNs for torrenting - https://topvpnchoice.com/best-vpns-for-torrenting/, but I don`t know which one to choose. Tell me please which VPN do you use and how its work with torrent. Thanks

Hey Buddy,

There is no such vpn which is torrent friendly but you will find best vpn for torrenting which can give you access for torrent websites like kickass torrents, extra torrents but there is some limitations of every vpn so you just need to find the some kickass vpn too. Here you can find the top 41 kickass torrents alternatives for 2018

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Which VPN do you guys use here in Taiwan? I’m leaning towards Express VPN or Nord VPN.

I’ve been using express vpn for about 2yrs with no real issues. Speed seems very good.

Astrill ist okay with torrents, at least at the servers they mark with a star showing “P2P friendly”. Also supposedly they jeep updating to work well in China.

Anybody that’s interested, there’s a good deal on windscribe codes through engadget at the moment.

Lifetime Pro $59.00
1 Year Pro $12.00
3 Year Pro $24.00

I just bought 3 years myself. I thought of going lifetime but I figured I don’t know what’s going to happen in 3 years time… why commit to any longer?

This is the VPN I normally use. There are iPhone and Android apps and it works well. I typically just used the 15GB they give you for free, but it does work for torrenting too. They also have a special region for people who want to use the US netflix.

One thing worth pointing out, though: When I redeemed, it said I redeemed “PRO - SS deal”. It shows I’m a “Pro” user in my account settings but I can’t help but think that might mean I’m a different tier of user because I bought at a discount. I haven’t tested it in detail yet.

PIA has been really good for me here in Taiwan for download speeds, never had an issue with inability to access sites.

When my time is up (signed 2 years), I’ll probably switch to something else though, would like something that breaks through the Great Firewall of China.

I’ve been using a Proxy server for my needs that stop those priving eyes from looking where they shouldn’t be looking. Also, it’s free to use the proxy settings as your UT has that option to use it. Therefore, the other option is BulletVPN https://www.bulletvpn.com/ I used it when I was in Dubai it works great there never even had a problem over UT.

Is there any possibility to have torrent bypass VPN entirely?

I mean because a lot of vpn doesn’t like torrents, but at least in Taiwan nobody seems to care about torrenting, so vpn is good for accessing sites that blocks foreign ip, but still allow torrents to not use vpn traffic…