What's Dr Who called in Chinese?

I’m not even sure whether the show was ever broadcast to Chinese audiences, as no one I’ve spoken to seems to ahve a clue what I’m talking about…but…
Does anyone have any idea what the Dr Who TV show would translate as? Either the “official” name or a good guess-timation…

神秘博士 shen2mi4 bo2shi4

神秘博士 shen2mi4 bo2shi4 is the official name (Taiwan and Mainland).

Couldn’t they have just called him Doctor Wu? Would that be too similar or something?

Or Dr. Hu?

Thanks guys…
I knew there must be some Chinese-speaking Dr. Who fans out there

Dr Whu? (only joking) :wink:

“What’s on TV tonight?”

“Hu’s on first.”

(And what if “A Bell for Adano” were playing afterwards?)