What's Going in Taitung City and County Townships/Municipalities 台東市,鄉,鎮最近動向 5


That reminds me of a small regional newspaper from my hometown. It just needs a column listing bake sales and church pyrogie dinners :slight_smile:

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Excellent work. Taiwan needs more of this. I’d avidly read a Hualien version.

That’s about the size of it. Very little news around here! I’ll include the bake sales next time. :slight_smile:

I would love that too. I always find the local news more interesting than the national stuff. If anyone from Hualien (or any other county) is able to sift through local events from the Chinese papers I’d be glad to read it.

Do you have a link? I love this stuff. ( edit: Oops. Missed the "I’d’ )

No link, brah. I would read one, if it existed.

I just now stumbled onto this thread and then clicked the link to the blog. The author has done an excellent job keeping the blog up, and in consequence it’s grown quite a lot.

I’m too lazy to learn everything I should know about this place, but I’d like to learn a little more, if it’s not too difficult. :slight_smile:

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