What's going on with Bush's pants?

Bizarre video in which Bush pants like a dog in response to a college kid’s question about what laws cover the private security contractors operating in Iraq.

The question is a valid one, and it is good that Bush does eventually treat it as one he wants to get an answer to as well.

However, I am concerned about the president’s health here. He is used to working out for several hours a day, but somehow he ends up winded while trying to answer this kid’s question.

Oh… THOSE pants. I thought you meant his underpants.

I don’t get it. He’s just laughing.

I wasn’t trying to count the laughs. Was that a laugh?

Bush: “I appreciate that very much. I wasn’t kidding (huf-a-huf-a-huf). I … I … was gonna … I pick up the phone and say ‘Mr. Secretary I’ve got an interesting question.’”

If it is, then count me as very happy to know that the health of Bush is better than I feared.

Mofangongren raises a valid question. Doesn’t anyone else feel the Shrub’s pants have been just a little too short lately? :astonished:

Eeewwww. Cover it up Shrub.

Maybe that’s where all the leaks have been coming from.

They should rename this forum the Bush forum.

Perhaps he’s huffing and puffing because his pants are on fire.

Apparently Bush was accidentally seen wearing underwear while in Ireland. The White House denies it.