What's happening to Dahu lake?

Dahu lake in Donghu is getting smaller! What’s going on? Maybe they are changing the name or something?

thanks all

PS yeah i know that hu means lake.

But you don’t know they are building the MRT station. What I don’t understand is why they didn’t build it in the garbage dump across the road.

First they make a lake and then they pump it dry and fill the hole with gravel. Then they dig all the gravel out and truck it someplace else and fill the hole with water again. Then they pump it out again and put the gravel back. This process continues until the MRT station is finished. The outdoor swimming pool beside the lake will remain five meters too short and staffed by the Taiwan Mafia, but it will be easier to get to and that, generally, is a good thing.

We go there regularly, and saw them draining it. My guess is that they’re doing maintenance work on the associated floodgate or the banks. :idunno: Once I think they were dredging due to it silting up. But mostly I’m guessing.

Oh I see. They’ve drained it. That’s just as DB described. They drain it periodically to clean out all the silt.

Which of course would help explain the mess in Africa as well.

its going to start reeking pretty soon… that mud looks awfully nasty!

The dead fish didn’t smell that great either!

When will they fill the lake again?

I’m going to ask piwackit to organize May 16 playgroup there… :laughing:

Actually the gardens are always good. Or you could try Bihu. It’s full and nicer.

I think I had the two lakes confused! :blush: Thanks!