What's happening?

I think I remember how this works. I press submit, and then someone insults me, right?

Let me just check the manual.
Page 32, here we are under “Protocols for Insulting Loretta”
Yes, it seems your mere posting, regardless of content, is just cause for insults.

Your posting here obviously means you miss Taiwan terribly, but you’re not man enough to admit it. You cry yourself to sleep most nights thinking about the food you’re missing out on - admit it.

Piss off!

Piss off![/quote]

Just kidding! Welcome back mate!

It’s just not the same without the Eric Idle avatar.

Ste naprostý blázon. Môže tisíc násilníci vodky pitie znásilniť vás.

I obyčajne nemajú komentovať tu, ale pre teba urobím výnimku.

I want to be a woman, too.

Here for the iron finally?

  1. Get a job, you pony-tailed milquetoast.
  2. Stop trying to break the Internet.
  3. You can insult anyone, I think. Why’s the special boy pretending to know Slovak?

I thought you was dead.

Hi. I suppose you still don’t like me for things I can’t recall saying to you 10 years ago.

I think I probably don’t like you for things I can’t remember you saying either. But I’m sure it was much more recently than that, otherwise how would you know you did it?

As for the rest of these reprobates, I don’t even remember who they are. Or were. Especially that big hairy thing with the bottle. And the retarded kid who doesn’t speak English. Why do you still let him hang around?

Also, why haven’t I been temped? Don’t you have a flounder bin any more??

You know me. No money, no honey. The juggler ate it all.

hmm you’re back. No new fancy handle? Did you moan for years how you hated this place??? No?? Okay then welcome back. :smiley:

A lot of ex-expats go through this reverse culture shock thing where they wake up and start shouting ‘Why are the trash trucks so quietly passing like ships in the night, while I try to sleep already!’

‘Why is there so much sophisticated culture, but a lack of family marts?’

‘What’s with all the castles and architecture? Can’t anyone build a concrete box and put holes in it?’

He’ll get over it.


:laughing: Linky linky,

Is that me? I guess I’m just a strag, then. Certainly I’m no Taipei manwhore. :frowning:

BTW, it’s not a bottle, it’s a Hello Kitty medallion.