What's hot enough?

On a scale of 1-10, 1 being the least hot, what’s hot enough?

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So, I’m having a conversation with a girlfriend the other day about how men always talk about these impossibly hot women, and yet usually seem to end up married to, at best, plain Jane, average types. Well, I didn’t say that, but my friend did. We were really talking about how I feel that women are much harder on themselves, and on eachother, than men are, in general, when it come to looks.

So, this is what I’d like to ask you to do: Answer my poll (if I can get it to work) about how hot a girl/guy has to be for you to consider her/him a potential sex partner, and then post a photo of someone (real people, no models or actresses, please) who would be at the top of your range, and someone at the bottom of your range.

I realize this might be tough, but I also think it will be very interesting.

Edit* Poll function still not working, I guess.

Please don’t forget to post an example of what a certain number means to you.

I’m a guy, and I’m pretty picky.

I won’t really get with any woman whom I consider lower than a 6, physically.

… And hey… don’t underestimate how men rank women. We may not be as condescending and trite as women are to one another, but we certainly have our “rankings.”

Doesn’t matter, really. Many factors in play.

I take my contact lenses out before I go to bed, anyway.

This seems kind of silly to me since everyone views attractiveness differently. Someone I view as a 9 somone else may view as a 7 so it’s kind of hard to judge. But I guess my lowest would be a 6. So I wouldn’t consider someone I think is only average or less than average. I think this is probably pretty standard since most people would want to hook up with someone they actually feel some attraction too. :2cents:

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all that…

I do draw the line at girls that are obese, stinky/dirty, or vulgar in behavior or speech.

[quote=“drifter”]Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all that…

I do draw the line at girls that are obese, stinky/dirty, or vulgar in behavior or speech.[/quote]

Thank the Lord for Impressionists, then …

[quote=“Buttercup”][quote=“drifter”]Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all that…

I do draw the line at girls that are obese, stinky/dirty, or vulgar in behavior or speech.[/quote]

Thank the Lord for Impressionists, then …[/quote]

It takes all types :bow:

Yes, and this is exactly my point! I want people to post examples of real people that they would judge as attractive enough to consider having sex with because I want to SEE what someone else would rate as a six, or a ten. I bet we all could talk for pages about how different our rating system actually is. I think it’s an important thing to realize, especially for women, because we can be so tough on eachother.

I mean, all women aren’t Haley Berry, but I know lots of women and men who would rate her a ten on my scale. Or is she some off the scale impossibility? What’s a ten–in real life? What’s a six–in real life? Is six the lowest level of hottness that’s most commonly acceptable?

And of course, I know that other reality factors in our personal lives can make a huge difference–emotional ties and “love eyes, and such.” I just mean people you might meet in real life and be interested, or not interested in.

housecat, what do you rate the guy in your avatar pic?

I think the guy in my avatar is about an 8, but . . . I didn’t want to go first because I have only been attracted to ONE person in, like, six or seven years. I don’t think I’m a fair judge, then. And the one I’ve been atracted to can’t be easily, objectively explained. I really just don’t know why I’ve felt attracted to him, and no others. Feeling no attraction for any other human for so long is kinda strange, though, and you can see how this might disqualify me.

I would probably be around a 5 on your scale if that guy is an 8 :slight_smile:
I take your scale to be purely based on physical attraction and nothing else. Can you not rate people in general based on physical attractiveness without thinking of this other person you have been attracted to for so long? That is why it’s so difficult to rate people based purely on physical qualities. It’s about much more than that, unless someone is a very physical person with nearly no emotion.

The guy in my avatar is an 8 because he’s a bit younger than what I’m realy interested in these days. It’s not purely physical, my rating. And I’m not thinking about that guy. It’s just an odd thing. IRL, I’m not attracted to many people. I’m very, very picky, maybe. But this is also part of my point. Men are much more objective, IMO, in general, than women. I think men see a whole package better than women. we’re more likely to obsess over details that we see as flaws in ourselves.

I give them a 9

I, if any usually get attracted to a 5-6.(once in 5 years) Maybe Chandler types, (the guy from friends). Yes I think 5-6 is fine for me. Pics??? mmmmmmmm where do I find real people pics?

Finding a 1 is pretty tough though HC!

However, abusing a social networking site (http://www.tagged.com) is ideal for your answering your question

About 3

This girls is like a 5

About an 8

About 9

I take itakitez #3… one, because I have [strike]low[/strike] no standards, and two, because the 9’s and 10’s will be looking for other 9’s and 10’s while out with me.

Back in the day, I never even bothered with 8+s, because I am vertically challenged and hate to compete for ‘love.’ Also, always too busy with career to devote a lot of time to courtship. So the formula was ‘reasonably attractive with Great personality.’

Then I met a 10 who cooked better than anyone I have ever met in my life, and who was genuinely oblivious to the fact that guys were drooling over her at every turn. I basically met her when she was young and had only just 'blossomed.'Who woulda thunk it, I ended up keeping her … for life.

It is quite subjective. For instance there are plenty of posters that drool over Janet from Fun Taiwan here. But I just wouldn’t be interested, not that I can see she isn’t attractive, just would not be interested that’s all.

Wilma Deering from late 70’s sci-fi show Buck Rogers is hot enough. The disco jumpsuits etc


(My) Rule number 1: no makeup. I suspect itakitez’s 9 is very pretty, but I can’t tell because she’s wearing greasy shit on her face.