What's in my pineapple?

Can anyone tell me what the little dark brown seed-like things are that I sometimes find on the perimeter of pineapples with their skins removed? I have also noticed minute batches of dots that look like insect eggs in the crevices around the perimeter of the pineapple. Should I be concerned? Should I chop them out and eat anyway, or should the entire pineapple be tossed?

personally ive never experienced it… since all of the spots are on the perimeter… just dont eat it… or go to costco and buy the already sliced pineapples in cans :wink: delicious snacks… they come with a fork each

Rest assured that I’m not eating any of the spots! I was at the market this morning, and noticed that all the peeled pineapples had a few of these little seed-like things in the crevices around the edges. When I asked my fruit vendor whether they were insects, she said yes and that to prevent allergies, I should wash the pineapple slices in salt water before eating. I was just wondering whether someone out there could provide more information as to what exactly these odd things are that I’ve only noticed in peeled pineapples in Taiwan!

hmm. only thing i can think of is the dimple left over from the peel. taiwanese seem to slice their pineapples thinner sometimes so as not to waste as much of the meat. because the peel has an undulating pattern, the parts of it that dimple into the meat are not totally cut off. without actually seeing it, it’s hard to say what it is. the dimples are usually circular with a little thing sticking out of the middle. much like a tiny satellite dish.

here’s a pic i grabbed off a random website real quick. are those dark dots what you’re talking about??

orlandosentinel.com/media/ph … 239915.jpg

the salt water thing is a very taiwanese thing. like putting salt in coke and on watermelons. the salt brings out the sweetness or something, i’ve been told. i’m also finding it hard to believe that your fruit vendor would tell you there are insects on the stuff she was selling!

Thanks for your input. No, I’m not talking about dimples (or “eyes”) not properly cut away. These things look like little dark brown seeds or hard smooth flat ovals, about 1 or 2 mm in length and diameter. Take a look next time you see peeled pineapples sitting out in the sun in plastic bags. I get the feeling that the really freshly peeled pineapples don’t have them, but one that I’ve had sitting in my fridge for a couple of days will suddenly have some, even though I thoroughly inspected before buying. I think I’ll try to get my fruit vendor to elaborate next time I see her. I wish I could speak some Chinese as this has really got my curiosity going… :? !