What's it like living in Taiwan now?

I remember one of his films had a scene that was shot from a moving train on the brown line.

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People complain anywhere they go. It’s not all about money.

Money doesn’t really matter when you’re crossing the street and a typical oblivious red light runner nearly slams into you because he’s in a rush going nowhere and knows that he can kill someone without major consequences.

The difference is if you have money you have more options, like drive a car where your chance of dying being hit by a scooter is much less.

Whereas people who don’t make as much have to ride scooters or walk to bus stops, where you’re in more danger from being hit by scooters and being badly injured.

“Rich” people with cars cross streets too.

Having a car brings its own set of problems (you can get serious injuries from accidents as well). And having a nice car adds even more problems (people looking for accident paydays).

So yeah, when it comes to driving, Taiwan is still way more closely aligned to the third world than the first, and no amount of money insulates you from that if you live here.

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Out of nearly 800.000 foreigners, how many
(in percentage) actually earn more than the average locals?

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Well, I’m looking at the share your salary anonymously and the median is about 75,000. That’s much more than the per capita and much more than the average Taiwanese’s earning.

That sample is not representative. There are 700K of immigrants breaking their back in the factories and at the farms, while earning minimal salary.
Taiwanese in the USA earn more than the average Americans. Is that wrong?


FWIW, not much different from 2019, and that’s a great thing.

Happy Together! Love it!


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Like this?


Because you are counting value in terms of labor which is not how it works.

Seriously? I moved here when I was close to that age. 20+ years ago.

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How old are you now, in your early 20’s?

You always needed a license, foreigners could get away with having non, mostly.

I guess 600,000 are imported labour.