What's one of the worst things you've done that you can laugh and share?

Hey y’all.

Over my life I’ve definitely been the villain in some people’s stories which works both ways.
I wanted to start this topic to see if anyone is bold enough to throw something out there. Obviously, I’ll start…

During community college (almost 20 years ago) I had a mandatory class called Reception Skills where I had to do the bare minimum to pass.

One afternoon as I sat down at my desk, ready to crash out after a carb heavy lunch, I noticed the desktop PC was still logged in.

I opened it up and some girls email inbox was staring at me. I clicked a message, it opened and I read it while making sure to look over my shoulder in case anyone came back to log out.

I spotted a reply email saying,
"Dear Jane, unfortunately we are not accepting applications for teaching assistant volunteers. I wish you all the best.’

Principle Someone

The girl hadn’t replied so I did it for her. I wrote,’ Fuck you then’.

I sent it.

At the time I could not contain my enjoyment and hysterical laughter over it. Even now it makes me laugh. But I do wonder if that girl ever became a teacher or was she struck off before it all started. If I had been caught, a hard kick in the balls would have gotten me off lightly.

Anyway, that’s one of the times I acted like a massive, selfish asshole.

Anyone else?


When I was in high school I was a bit of a rebel. Anyway, after the deputy headmaster went back on a deal we had about me not having to go to certain classes I was pretty angry so I pulled the fire alarm one afternoon. Anyway, for some reason nobody suspected it was me. The next day I found out some girl in the grade below said it was her and she was expelled. I have no idea why she owned up to something she didn’t do, but I stayed quiet.

Not the worst thing I’ve ever done btw, by far.


That poor girl was a hero to half the school!


I did that too, the guy whose account I used got suspended temporarily, a few weeks later they worked out it was me and the headteacher just laughed and i went on my way.

Same teacher lost his shit when I forgot to bring a pen to class one day though, c’est la vie.

Most of the truly bad shit from my youth was a number of fires, no guilt there. I regret more the things I did to emotionally hurt people. Some girl I was really into when I was about 15 asked me out via a note which she wrote to tell me she loved me. This got intercepted by some cunts who spread it around and she received quite a lot of shit for it. To try to recover herself, she told me when I was with the cunts that it was a prank, to which I said something like “thank god!” to save embarrassment.

She didn’t really recover in terms of popularity and never spoke to me again.

Also laughing out loud randomly during a special needs person doing a speech to the whole class. Awkward shit


That’s a shame for the girl. It must have taken all her courage to write that.

Same here with fires. A lifelong friend and I caused a fire in a disused storage building in our school. It was winter break and we got in through a hole in the roof then lit a fire to keep warm. It burned better than anticipated.

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You know you’ve been here too long, once you’ve exchanged the concept of sin, for shame.

I killed a man for looking at me funny


um… okaay… that escalated quickly…


I’ve got news for you… he didn’t die. There’s a Kill Bill style retribution heading your way.

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I chopped his head off. He dead.

What did he do?
Got caught watching you in the woods? :howyoudoin:

Using the glass fire alarm button as a target for a handheld slingshot/catapult was a short-lived but epic pastime

I still have the red and black striped jumper somewhere but the toothy dog is no more.

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I chased a bus on foot for passing me without letting me on. The chase was for several minutes and across several intersections. I exercised a lot back then and I was very fit. I knocked on the driver’s door while he was stopped at a red light and shouted some and then sat in the back.

Actually I did this at least twice.


Joined Forumosa. :crazy_face:


When I was young, we had a lot of black cats and one white one. I dipped the white one in a bucket of oil to make it black. Didn’t end well for the cat.


I think I just heard @icon running over to beat yo ass :rofl:


That’s what I was thinking when I posted it. I don’t think @Icon would beat a five-year-old, even for a cat.

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Just as a note: it is illegal for buses to stop anywhere but the designated bus stop and take passengers anywhere but there, especially on crossings.

Crossings are dangerous enough as it is.

Yeah, I know. They passed me waiting at a designated bus stop like a “good boy”. And I always look out for the bus, try to walk to the front or the back so the driver can see me and I wave at them. So in those few cases where they still passed me by and left me behind, the error was really on the side of the bus driver.