What's that on the telly? Looks like a parrot!

Why is there a stylized drawing of a “Chinese parrot” in the background of some of the threads now?

At first I thought some poster had figured out a way to do more than just put up an avatar, but from the HTML, it looks like it’s something that is being generated as the background for the whole {table} element. Why??

Here’s the image:
columbia.edu/itc/eacp/asiasi … Parrot.gif

I’ve saved a sample of the HTML, in case anyone really wants to see it. The image is one of the attributes of the table that actually contains the posts, I’m pretty sure. It’s definitely before the first actual post (Akosh’s comments, p. 2 of the “Carnegie’s” thread in Living) on the page I saved.

Edited to add: either it’s inconsistent or else it was fixed in the 30 minutes since I posted, since it’s not showing up on that page now.

Hi, I’m glad you noticed the backgrounds :slight_smile: I don’t think it is a stylized drawing – it actually quite detailed, IMO

The “Classified views” of the forum and topic pages use the background becuase the empty space that would otherwise be there bothered me

The apparent inconsistency results from my incomplete adaption of the viewads file (the “classified view” of the topic pages)

Maoman has asked me to make correcting this a priority, but I am hampered by my work schedule and work firewall. I’ll try to get things back to the way they were before the weekend.

There’s also more information here: