What's the 411 on Cape Town?

I want the know what the scoop is on this city. I know they are a lot of people from SA on this board that could provide me some info on this place. I may have the oppurtunity to move there in the near future and would really like to know about the living situation over there. Any info or links would be greatly appreciated.


The living situation depends entirely on the kind of money you’ll be earning. Some people live in very poor communities, while some are able to afford life in luxury gated communities. The crime rate is still very high, and while you are still a stranger to the place you should consult local friends about areas to avoid, just like in any Western city.
Cape Town is extremely beautiful, but after years living in Taipei I find it a bit too slow for my taste. I think it is a great place to go and retire in. The beaches are fantastic, and the people are very laid-back. Just don’t go live in any of the suburbs. It’s soul-destroying suburbia to the nth degree…bleak, grim. Stay in that bloody awesome city!

Sorry for a bunch of photos that will probably be useless to you, but I just want a chance to show off me hooommmeee.

South African security

Cape Town Waterfront

Weird Afrikaners

Friendly streetkids

The photos were taken in Cape Town and surrounding areas.

Here’s a tourism site with cool pics.


Actually I was thinking of finishing my degree there as a chance because my family (parents) will be living there but in one of the appartment buildings in the good sections of the city. I just wonder how safe it will be to live close to Campus. My parents do not wish to be locked down in the suburbs. I have the oppurtunity so I’m looknig into it, seems a lot more interesting then living in Canada for 2 years but what are the job oppurtunities like for a Uni degree and Int business experience? Thanks for the link!