What's the Best Way to Get to Cihu from Taipei?

Hey there, just looking for the best way to get to Cihu from Taipei. Would it be easier to go to Daxi bus station first and then to Cihu from there? Or would it be easier to go to Zhongli first and then take a bus from there? Please advise. Thanks! Also, would it be possible to also go to Xiao Wulai Waterfall and Cihu in the same day?

Probably best to take the bus directly from Zhongli to Xiao Wulai, one of the underappreciated gems of Taiwan’s lower mountains, with a stop in Cihu on your return. Certainly this is doable as a day trip, but to really explore this area properly you should consider breaking it up by overnighting in Jiaobanshan.

If you want to take a bus of the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle service, note that they only go to Xiao Wulai on Sundays and public holidays. http://www.taiwantrip.com.tw/Besttour/Info/?id=46 [Bus leaves from Taoyuan]

The Cihu Route is daily and buses leave from Zhongli http://www.taiwantrip.com.tw/Besttour/Info/?id=3

What is the bus number that goes there from Zhongli? Thanks for the replies.

501 like the Levi’s

Thanks Hannes. But I also wanted to know the bus route # for the one from Zhongli to Xiao Wulai. I guess I could also inquire at the tourist office at Zhongli Main Station.

It’s 502, but from Taoyuan not Zhongli, and not on weekdays only weekends and holidays.

From Daxi there are two buses a day to Xiao Wulai

【全部】【大溪 Daxi-小烏來 Xiao Wulai (經三民via Sanmin)】

【5105 - 0 往程】 大溪 Daxi →小烏來 Xiao Wulai (經三民)
編號 大溪總站 行駛期間 開班客運業者 備註
編號 大溪總站 行駛期間 開班客運業者 備註
1 0815 每日行駛 桃園客運
2 1210 每日行駛 桃園客運

【5105 - 0 返程】 小烏來 Xiao Wulai →大溪 Daxi (經三民)
編號 小烏來 行駛期間 開班客運業者 備註
編號 小烏來 行駛期間 開班客運業者 備註
1 0920 每日行駛 桃園客運
2 1325 每日行駛 桃園客運


I’m assuming the 9103 still goes to Daxi from Yongning station and probably the newly opened Dingpu station?


Yep, that seems to be the case.