What's the cheapest way to get to Miami?

Let’s say i want to take MrsMoe to Miami next year for a week of indulgence. What’s the best route to travel? I’ll be asking a travel agent for help but was just wondering if anyone had any good or bad experiences with different routes.

Miami has the best dope in the world. And it’s free.

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From asia: 1 stopover in:



some midwest route e.g. Houston-miami

Why not do an online search with the discount sites like kayak.

Generally you will have to stop at one of the gateway cities like LAX, SFO, NewYork, Seattle, etc.

Both EVA and CI partner with one of the American airlines so you could get to a gateway city and then take a domestic on one of the American airlines. ITs probably cheaper (but not always) that way. TW travel agents should be pretty good with that.

Alternatively get your cheapest tickets to and from one of the gateway cities and then use the net to search for deals on an American carrier.

Former gf found it cheaper to fly to/from SFO on EVA and then Jetblue to/from NYC, rather then EVA straight to NYC (and EVA does fly straight there), so check around for deals.

Only thing is that you better make those flights booked online, they are usually non reroutable, non refundable and non changeable without hefty penalties, etc.

the absolute cheapest way involves some combination of swimming and walking.

Can’t swim so was think of flying to LAX then onto miami with a local carrier. About 40k to LAX then another 8k to Miami.It’s a lot steeper than I had expected. If I fly to Guangzhou first it’s about 39k total but then I have a lot of airport time

fly to guanzhou and save 9k

Although changing carriers en-route may save you a few bucks, in the end it could be problematic if there are any flight delays which cause you to miss a connection. If you are on the same carrier from start to finish, they are more likely to take care of you. If you change carriers, especially if you have separate tickets, they wash their hands of you once they get you to their final destination, not yours.

United should be the cheapest now, better than Delta or Northwest.

Have some Pollo Loco on my behalf.

The best way, and usually the cheapest is to fly NW to Narita and from there fly delta directly to ATL (a very long flight, I do it often) and in ATL jump on one of the discount airlines for a quick 1.5 hour flight to end up in Miami… Enjoy, been a while since I have been home.

sounds good but what is NW?

NOrthwest Airlines. NOw absorbed into Delta.

Okey dokey ,

now I’m thinking a stopover in LA for a few nights might be a good idea

Okey dokey ,

now I’m thinking a stopover in LA for a few nights might be a good idea[/quote]

That is why I was telling you United. A friend just got a quotation from DL/NW that was double United’s. Do shop around.

Singapore used to be teh cheapest to LAX, try Malasya or smaller Asian carriers, too, to get across the Pacific cheaply, if you are doing the trip in stages.