What's the difference between "Automated" and "Automatic"

I know there’s a difference between the meanings of those two words…but when I tried explaining it to local friends…then i realized I didn’t know how to explain it. Someone please help?

Processes are automated. Responses are automatic.

Press button, something happens. Automatic, even if the something is the start of a process.

The process is done by machines so it’s automated.

I would say that automatic processes are executed with little or no direct human intervention. Automated processes are executed under the control of a human but with considerable assistance from automatic equipment. However the words are often used interchangably.

Automated implies that the process was originally not automatic, but people made a way for it to become automatic.

D’you mean, like a robot, R. Daneel Olivaw?

To automate is the process of making something automatic; automated is the adj. or pp. describing the result.