What's the Dilly-o?

Hi all,

I went to Wellcome and they had dried basil, lemon pepper, etc in their spice section but no dill.

Anyone can buy me a shaker of dried dill and I’ll pay you on Thursday at the Happy Hour?


I can’t help, but I have to say that was a sagely chosen title.

No one knows?


No tzatziki for you then.

Costco have just started to stock dill. We brought a whole load back from Canada last month because we hadnt seen it in Taiwan in five years. First trip back to Costco and there it was.
You can buy it in a smaller, catholic family sized container instead of a big arsed commercial sized container which is a bonus.

Go buy a Dill plant at the Neihu flower market. Put it in a crate of dirt on you balcony.

They got:
Sage (two kinds)

Saves lots of $$$ and gets you fresh herbs.

Well, I know you’re all dying to know what’s the dilly-o.

I have foundeth said herb at Jason’s 101 as of Thursday December 30th.

$59 for a nice fat bottle.

Shall make the tzatziki soon. But I think the plain yogurt I purchased on December 5th needs to be replaced.

Thank you to everyone who has helped!

I used to frequent this little restaurant in Greece that was part of someone’s house. You would order the tzatziki and watch the waiter walk back to the kitchen. Then this little old lady dressed all in black would scurry out to the garden to pick the fresh garlic. 5 minutes later it was on your table. Grreeat!

You can put good tzatziki on a plate and turn it upside down. It shouldn’t fall off.