What's the least desirable government job in the world?

Baghdad Police Chief? Federal prosecutor in Bogota? I say this guy might hold it…

Gao Qiang, China’s Health Minister. Don’t these guys get a bullet in the head whenever someone drops dead from food poisoning? How long is he for this world, given the tainted baby formula crisis?

And how do the ChiComs get anyone to fill this post? “Comrade Gao, there’s an opening in Beijing you’d be perfect for.”

“Very good! What is it?”

“Honorable Health Minister.”


“Very good salary. Nice apartment with sexy Malay chamber maid.”


“Good luck.”

And what about this Andrew Ferrier, chief executive of the Fonterra farmer cooperative that owns 43 per cent of the San Lu company? He actually defended the co-op’s failure to detect the toxic chemical melamine in its baby formula before it went on sale.

“You can’t test for every poison out there - melamine is not a naturally occurring substance in milk. I don’t think there’s a dairy company in the world that I know of that tests for melamine.”

Fair enough, but do you want to say You can’t test for every poison out there in a public press conference?

And I think the guy is reaching here…"…in this case we frankly have sabotage of a product,” Ferrier says.

Noting that the Chinese government had since identified melamine in the milk products of 22 companies, Ferrier then said, “This is a lot bigger than just Fonterra - this is the whole industry.”

So an entire industry was sabotaged? It must have been a plan hatched by the Bush-backed, 9/11 conspirators.

“I can look myself in the mirror and say that Fonterra acted absolutely responsibly," Ferrier added.

Again, fair enough, but it’s hard to see any wisdom in those comments as people – babies – are still dying.


I would say, US President. But so many folks seem to clamour for it, perhaps I’m wrong. Then again, I can’t understand how anyone would want to be a president of any country, except an African dictatorship where you can merrily siphon away half the countries wealth into a Swiss bank account, while living a charmed life of debauchery, blame everthing on the Brits (or any other relevant ex-colonial power) and end it all off with a nice retirement in a western country of your choice, free from prosecution, because, well, it wasn’t your fault.

Then again, I wouldn’t want to be a police officer in South Africa, neither. To engage any suspect you have to be fired upon (and possibly killed) first. That’s to say if you had enough gas to get to the scene of the crime in time, or actually had any bullets to begin with…

I also think that being a postal worker in most countries is also a fairly shitty deal.

It seems like this thread should be getting more responses… :ponder: