What's the most money per hour you have made teaching English?

What’s the most money you’ve made per hour teaching English

  • 500-1000 nt
  • 1000-1500 nt
  • 1500-2000 nt
  • more than 2000 nt

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Thanks for the advice everyone. Here’s the poll.

sometimes I get a beer, someties I get two beers.

Chou, and chou do fo’'s Wife

yes, yes, you told us this before. do they ever throw you spare coins?

I notice that the poll question doesn’t ask if we earn (ed) the money teaching one-on-one, twelve-on-one or anything in between. It would be interesting to know more specifically. I’ll start. I earned NT1100/hr teaching six kids. Needless to say, it was a win/win for the parents and for me.

I’ve made up to 1000NT an hour teaching one-on-one students privately. At a language center I’ve only made up to 700NT an hour.

A few years back I made 1,200 NT$/hour teaching English at a company.
I did it for almost 2 years, 4 hours/week.
That time I was the only foreigner in town and they wanted me to teach them, although I’m not a native speaker and not a teacher per se.
I told them that if they wanted me to teach, my fee would be 1,200 NT$/hour or no deal. Strangely enough they accepted.

I used to charge NT$1500 per hour + transportation when I was doing corporate clases. Of course, that is nothing compared to by biggest pay slip on the island - NT$75,000 for three hours work on a television commercial. :sunglasses:

Edit: Current and lowest paying job; rice farmer - NT$5 per hour. :frowning: