What's the most money you've ever made?

What’s the most money you have ever made teaching English?

Is this going to be another “mine is bigger than yours” contest?

You should make a poll with some ranges.
0-10,000 Nt
10K - 30


I’d like to post the most I’ve ever made, but I won’t, however I would answer a poll.

Another thing, location. Taipei would be easy to pull in the big bucks but out in the boonies it isn’t so easy. The most I’ve ever made teaching would be a lot in Taipei but even more where I live. There wouldn’t be a teacher in town where I live that would come close to making the same money I ever made in my best month.

I usually get a free beer or two out of it.


NT$1,000 per hour (for a 2 hour one-on-one): my wife’s boss’ daughter. Nice girl (college English major) with good english skills. Pleasant classes. But it really wasn’t such great pay after factoring in all the time spent on preparation, transportation and trying to extricate myself at the end as each session dragged on. In reality I’m sure it averaged less than $500 per hour, so maybe it’s hardly worth noting, so I’ll shut up.

I agree with Bassman, cockroach…it might be best to conduct a poll. Some people might be uncomfortable putting down what they make…I know I am. A poll would be a good way to answer your question without it turning into a pissing contest.

im not sure that school owners should be counted…unless you are talking about how much you personally have made from directly teaching english

Not to worry Southpaw, I have no intention of answering the question, poll or otherwise. :wink:

1,500 per hour. but, just as above- the hassle wasn’t worth it. it was something like two hours every other saturday orating to an auditorium full of aspiring taiwanese english teachers. their skills weren’t high enough and i was expressly forbidden to speak chinese. after six months and the contract ended i was elated. just wasn’t worth the grief.

I once got 250 quid an hour for teaching a Polish dude the English needed to hire a prostitute. Of course, I also had to do underwater demolition on top of that, but still …

120K but that was for 8 hours+ a day

Are we talking per month or per hour?

Like they say high-paying jobs aren’t nearly as plentiful in a place like Tainan as in Taipei, but I did land an 800 an hour gig once. I soon realized why the buxiban paid that highly and after a couple of months of pure frustration I threw in the towel. The kids were the some of the most undisciplined, noisy brats I’ve ever tried to teach. They were mostly around 10 years old but spoke worse English than lots of 5 year olds, and I had to teach half the class in Chinese because otherwise they wouldn’t understand a single thing I was trying to teach. I told the boss that the kids would be better off having a Chinese teacher teach them the basics before throwing a native speaker at them. And oh yeah, it was in a stuffy basement with no air-conditioning in the middle of a typical Taiwanese summer.