What's The Next Line

well, “Hang the blessed DJ” (The Smiths, Panic)

I’m tired of trying to heal this tom-cat heart with which I’m [color=#FF0000]blessed[/color] (Grateful Dead - Victim or the Crime)

“Dj Got Us Falling In Love” - Usher

(This is starting to read like college-level angst poetry…)

Or worse that [color=#FF0000]love[/color] itself had fled, betrayed both heart and hand? - Robert Hunter - Jack O’ Roses

“And what shoulder, and what art, could twist the sinews of thy heart?” Tangerine Dream - Tyger Tyger

Up on the Blue Ridge mountain, there I’ll take my stand, a rifle on my [color=#FF0000]shoulder[/color], six-shooter in my hand - Grateful Dead - I’ve Been All Around This World

I’m a secret agent man. - Devo

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“Mannish Boy.” ~~ Muddy Waters.

You introduced me to my mind - Black Sabbath

Love is mind games – Devo

Love stinks. - J. Geils Band

And you know that notion just crossed my [color=#FF0000]mind[/color] - GD / Casey Jones

The northern sky it [color=#FF0000]stinks [/color]with greed - GD / Pride of Cucamonga

While you’re waiting for the hammer to fall. - Queen

I been balling a shiny black steel jack-[color=#FF0000]hammer[/color]
Been chipping up rocks for the great highway
I’ll live five years if I take my time
Balling that jack and drinking my wine
- GD / Easy Wind

We’re so happy we can hardly count - Pink Floyd

Clank your chains and [color=#FF0000]count[/color] your change, and try to walk the line - GD / Ramble on Rose

Leave your body and soul at the door. - Oingo Boingo

“Welcome to the discotheque” : Si Begg / Welcome to the Discotheque