What's the point of fancy dish drying racks?

It’s cheaper than a real dish washing machine.

Emohasis on the word CHEAP.

They are supplied as part of the kitchen fittings in new homes.

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It’s hot in Taiwan so dishes actually dry fairly quickly. It’s just having enough space to stack all the dishes can be an issue in the tiny kitchens.

I love mine and use it daily. It’s new and came with the unit. it’s got UV to kill bacteria that might form if dishes were left to air dry.
my last apartment did have a broken once which is just a waste of space. I also agree with @Wee that they need to be cleaned often as the drip area clogs easily.


How do you know they’re not used?

From the responses here, it appears that I was mistaken.

Whenever I’m invited over to a friend’s house, I always see those things. But they’re never plugged in. And judging from the dust on the power cord, it’s not hard to deduce that it’s been quite a while since it’s been used.

But perhaps that’s just my friends, as it seems that several people here use theirs.

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With an open floor plan it usually just means on the other side of the hallway so it doesn’t look out of place, and it makes it a bit faster to get your beverages :wine_glass:from the sofa.