What's the starting salary for a brand new English teacher?

Hi everyone,

Just wondering if you knew and could tell me what’s the starting pay range (per month) for a non-experience full-time English teacher at a local kindergarten school in Taipei.

Anyone know? Many thanks :unamused:


but if the school is desperate, you might get a bit more.

such as…my kindgergarten is looking for a teacher at a branch of Kiddieland (yes, that’s the name), and they’re offering 60-62K per month.

it depends on what you can luck up into…

I would say about 550 an hour.

500 NT in Taipei City and perhaps 550-600 NT in Taipei County.
Add another 50 if you can speak some Chinese (to communicate well enough with your Chinese co-teachers) and 30-50 more for each year of experience you have.