What's the title of this movie?

This is not a quiz, I’m just asking for help.

I saw this movie a few years ago and I don’t remember too many details but I’d like to watch it again so I’d need its title. The movie is about a guy in Tibet(?)/Nepal(?)/China(?) who is sort of lost between profane joys of life and buddhist principles. All I remember is that he has a wife (and a kid if I’m right) who she cheats on with a younger girl, and at one point in the movie he decides to leave his family and live a monastic life. I think his wife goes to find him later. No idea about the end of the movie though.

Vague, huh?

Any help is welcome.

Is it a Chinese language movie? And you mean “who HE cheats on”, don’t you?

I’m not sure about the language, I might have seen a German dubbed version, which doesn’t help much…

Yes, sorry, HE cheats on her. On his wife, I mean, not on his kid.

I think the title of the movie sounds “Tibetan”, a buddhist name or something.

The only movie I know which refers to Tibet is the melo-dramatic one with braddy Pitty something called “7 years in Tibet” … And he is cheating or dating mostly in his movies…

Definitely not 7 Years in Tibet.
The actors were all Asian.

stab in the dark: The Razor’s Edge with Bill Murray?

Plot summary:
Larry Darrell returns from the battlefields of World War I to America a different person. His fiance (Isabel) resigns herself to a delay in the wedding plans when Larry heads off to Paris. There he finds he prefers a simpler existence and begins to read. One book inspires him to visit India and on to Nepal where he finds spiritual help from a lama…

Samsara ?

could be a winner! imdb.com/title/tt0196069/

Yesss!!! I think that’s the one! Thanks BFM! :notworthy:

Is it worth watching, Balazs?

You know that I hardly watch any movies so I’m not sure I’m the right person to rely on. I remember I was just switching channels randomly and I got stuck with this movie. And I definitely did like it.

If you enjoyed Samsara, may I suggest this one:

movie-reviews.colossus.net/movie … ummer.html

It’s a Korean movie that I really enjoyed and like coming back to every once in a while.