What's the truest line you've ever heard in a song? 🤔

It was more about my shirt than it was about me.

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“I hope you don’t mind
That I put down in words
How wonderful life is while you’re in the world”


“The same thing that makes you live, can kill you in the end” - Neil Young, can’t remember which song.

“I’ve had all that I wanted of a lot of things I’ve had, and a lot more than I needed of some things that turned out bad” - Johnny Cash, Wanted Man

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Ich bin Schnappi, das kleine krokodil

If I may quote the whole song, it is so required:

Ome esa vida tan perra
De estar jornaliando
La voy acabar. [como ?]
Ya no aguanto ese marcica
De patron al culo
Conmigo no más.

Yo sudando hasta las guevas
Pa’ que otro consiga
Por un vil jornal
Y el cacorro en la oficina
Derroteando wisky
Y yo sin mercar

A las 5 'e la mañana
Ya estoy levantado
Tomando agua sal
Por que ya ni agua panela
Los que jornaleamos podemos tomar

A las 11 'e mañana llega el hijueputa sin saludar
Y dice trabaje mijo por que ese trabajo es para entregar
A las 11 'e mañana llega el hijueputa sin saludar
Y dice trabaje amigo por que ese trabajo es para entregar


I heard Russians love it.

Not exactly a repeat. Think of it as a fleshing out of the ideas of the famous American philosopher, Bobby Bare.

Drop kick me, Jesus, through the goalposts of life.
I’ve got the will if you’ve got the toe.

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Some shirts can’t be touched either.
:point_right: :tshirt: :scream:

What’s the truest line album you’ve ever heard?

“changes aren’t permanent, but change is”

“this is something that just can’t be understood”

(S)he’s gone and nothing going to bring her back.

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Start your own thread… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Some might say they don’t believe in heaven
Go and tell it to the man who lives in hell

Blood runs thicker than water !

The dead are dead , only the living can harm you !

Nice stuff, but it’s hard to like the lyrics of an instrumental album. :cricket:

You’ll know me when you see me,
‘cause my door’s painted white
My siren a-screamin’
and my flashin’ red lights

Conservatism and liberalism are two cheeks of the same arsehole .