What's the very BEST damned burger in Taipei?


I tried Burger Ray today. Very happy overall, the combination of quality/size/price is great. Drinks with free refill, all the extra toppings, the cheese creame…really a great place to have a good burger without spending too much.

My favorite is still The Diner, though. Their blue cheese + bacon burger is a joy.


I know. I love that. I go all out on that.


For a great veggie burger, try Burger Ray in Shilin.


This thread is all Burger Ray all the time now. And I am 100% agreed. Best thing about Burger Ray is their quality control. I go to the Xinyi location about once a week and it is always right on.


Am I the only one who can’t taste the difference between different brand of food?
For example, I can’t taste the difference between a steak in a night market (NT$ 150) and the one in a 5 star hotel (NT$ 1500).
By the same token, I would just stick with the beef and cheese burger in McDonald’s. LOL.




I need to take you (and your wifey) to Burger and Co.

Setting a self reminder when you get back from the tour of your dreams.


Definitely agree on Burger and Co. Very nice burger. Burger Ray probably has it beat on the customization but the Burger and Co burger was just a good eat overall.


Went to Punch Burger again the other day and I’m sticking with them for the best burger in Taipei.

They even have a special on beers, try to figure out this math 1+1=3.

All that, TVs, and good atmosphere.


What is the beer selection like?


Probably the closest we’ll get to a Big Kahuna, anyone had one?



Am I the only foreigner in Taiwan who knows about Burger Stop? Highly recommended for cheap authentic burgers.


Never heard this place, just googled it. Pics look legit, prices are great will give it a try.


Burger Stop?
Burger Dave’s Burger Stop?

Shut down years ago Burger Stop?


Open right now Burger Stop?


I didn’t know Burger Stop was still around. This changes everything; that was a nice burger.


It’s a totally different one, just the same name

Dave’s Burger Stop went TU like 6 years ago or something


That thread is weird. One dude was claiming credit for a burger description seemingly because he once called lettuce crisp and cheese gooey. Literary genius to have come up with those all by himself.

Sucks it’s not the same place but I do like hole-in-the-wall burgers all the same. Overall, I think I’m still leaning towards Burger & Co or Selfish Burger. Yet to try Punch but will get to it eventually. Burger Ray was really good last time I was there.


I made it to Burger Ray’s recently. Nothing wrong with it


Let me know what you guys think, I haven’t been there in like two months since I moved a bit far. The owner is awesome and looking at the packages of his supplies, they looked legit. Only negative is that there are two tables and some stools so don’t go there with too many friends.