What's the very BEST damned burger in Taipei?


Best burgers I’ve had…
KGB, Forkers was pretty decent, never did California Grill or the Diner, Carnegie’s was good, but the best was Bravo Burger near Zhongxiao Fuxing MRT, across from the Breeze Center. It’s been a while since I had KGB’s though, so I might change my mind if I tried that again.
@Dragonbones, the OP: I totally get that sentiment, it kills me when Taiwanese say they like hamburgers while referring to breakfast shops or McD’s. I just tell them “You son of a bitch, you don’t even know what a hamburger is!!! YOU DON’T EVEN KNOOOOW!!!”


[quote=“TwoTongues”][quote=“tommy525”]Have fun twintongue in vegas. Remember what happens outside of Vegas stays out of Vegas !!

And be sure to see “O” from circue du soleil. well worth it. "Phantom of the Opera " was great too .[/quote]
I’ve actually seen O and Zumanity in Vegas a couple years back, and I fully agree with your recommendation. If Phantom of the Opera is playing when I’m out there, and they don’t price it t bend me over a barrel, we’re definitely going, thanks for the suggestion.[/quote]

They have a theatre dedicated to that show, so IM pretty sure it will be on. And the prices are very reasonable. We paid like 150 for two with good seats.

Check it out online.


So far my favorite burger (haven’t had too many here), is The Burger Stop.

I dig the light beer option too. I don’t want a heavy beer with a greasy burger with cheese, fries.

I want some American water beer!! Ice cold Coors Light–so refreshing during a hot day.


Well, let’s see. There’s McDonald’s and there’s Burger King. :discodance:




Top Five:

Burger stop is good.

JB Burger is good (though they have been pulling the classic TW restaurant downhill slide lately with cleanliness and presentation of food slipping markedly).

Diner’s burger is still good.

Friday’s has the best burger of that breed of restaurant.

and in Fastfood, Mackkers double cheeseburger and BK’s Whopper still rule and tie for fifth.

Honorable mention goes to California Grill, KGB (never been there, but it gets a lot of positive press so perhaps it will rank when I do venture down there), An Burger, Evan Burger and that new joint on YiShen Lu near Zhongxiao (haven’t hit you yet so you better not disappoint me having given you premature honorable mention status and what not).


Don’t forget to try Gordon Biersch’s Marzen Burger and Dan Ryan’s cheeseburger, DD. Also, surprisingly I think, Outback does a Mad Max burger that’s pretty frickin good. Anyone had a Yuma burger yet?

  1. The Diner (they also have THE best “real” breakfast). Gongguan or Tp101

  2. GBs. At Taipei 101 or ikea.

  3. Not as good but close: JBs Diner in tianMu

You’ve been enligthened. Now go! Go forth!

As i read this in at banqiao BirKing and this is one of the worst burgers ive ever had. Dont be fooled by the pictures. Its like… Frozen premade mixed with pork cooked black. Mysterious chewy bits i need to spit out. Can’t request pink.


There’s a branch of the Diner in Gongguan? Where? :open_mouth:



Probably means the Da An one, it’s only about 2 km from Gongguan. And GB’s is at the mitsukoshi rather than in the 101 itself (though I may be missing a different GB that sells burgers).

Is JB’s Bar & Grill in Kuting still around? I haven’t been to that spot in about 10 years but they had a burger which had the tastiest patty. The place was almost always empty when I used to go there so I can’t imagine it’s still around. But when you eat a Diner or a GBs or a TGI Fridays burger, the meat always has an odd … not cardboard taste, exactly, but you don’t want to eat the meat by itself. It’s unseasoned and not very flavorful.


No it’s been gone for a while. I had one of there burgers, I know what you mean but i wasn’t crazy about it. Mine could have been a bit more well done for my taste maybe.


Burger and Co. They grind their own beef, don’t overcook it, make their own bread, fresh cut fries. The burger isn’t that big, but it is very rich and juicy.


The Green Hornet. Worth the 20 minute MRT ride down to XinDian.


Green Hornet do a very tasty and extremely good value burger, however I think it’s a very large stretch to call their offering “The very BEST damned burger in Taipei”, geographical issues aside…


I’ve probably built it up too much in my mind. Like I said, it’s been 10 years. If it was really that good I probably would have gone back again at some point (and found they’re closed).

Just to update this thread a little:

  • 1885 Burger (behind Nanjing/Dunhua Ikea) does some pretty good burgers.
  • B̷u̷r̷g̷e̷r̷ ̷R̷a̷y̷ ̷i̷s̷ ̷d̷e̷c̷e̷n̷t̷ (off Zhongxiao between Dunhua and Guangfu, but there’s another in Shilin).
  • Bravo is still alright (there’s quite a few of them around now).
  • Mary’s Hamburger is still around. There’s one in Neihu and one in Tianmu.
  • Caliburger - I personally wouldn’t try it. It looks like In & Out on the surface, but take a closer look and it seems to be your standard breakfast-shop burger.
  • Burger Stop is gone, which is a pity.
  • Forkers, I think, is closed (probably for the best, that one was run into the ground).

Edit: looks like I’ve got to try Green Hornet and Burger & Co. too.


I’d definitely second 1885 Burger. A pretty solid burger at a reasonable price. Used to go there a lot when they were close to NTNU. Wasn’t impressed by Burger Ray at all though. Their patties are about the size of a hockey puck, and a little pricey too. But they have a lot of toppings that they serve up buffet style, so everybody ends up eating a big mixed salad with a side of bun and a beef puck.


Yeah, Burger Ray isn’t a hard recommendation but I don’t mind their burgers with the right combination of ingredients. The last time I got grilled onions and that was a mistake. It was just a kind of soggy mess of brown onions without proper caramelization.


In my book (and I’m willing to admit I’m a DAMNED picky fellow), if the bun itself isn’t good to eat solo, it isn’t going to be the best burger out there. If the patty (of whatever origin) isn’t just succulent and delicious all on its own, it is definitely going to be a failure overall. If a joint can nail both and get the extra fixings right, I’ll have a try and come back for more, and recommend them to everyone and their mum. Otherwise, homemade is gonna always be better (and cheaper).


I had Burger Ray at the new Shinkong Mitsukoshi A11 food court and it was not very good. The patty was definitely a little tiny for a 250NT burger.

If you like Five Guys, you’ll like Burger and Co.


Ah, okay, we’ll scratch Burger Ray due to the general consensus. May go and try Burger & Co. next weekend. Never had Five Guys before but it fared alright in the Doughboy’s Tournament of Chompions. Burger & Co. location is pretty convenient too.