What's the very BEST damned burger in Taipei?


Speaking of pulled pork burgers, had a very disappointing one at Wendel’s in Neihu last week. Pasty and bland, just yuck. The worst pulled pork I’ve ever tasted in my entire life. Had they added a massive dose of garlic, onion, cumin, salt, olive oil, and so on, it might have been acceptable. The pesto pasta was also disappointing, being far too creamy and rich, to the point where we couldn’t finish it. People used to loads of cream and cheese might have found it acceptable, however; tastes vary. Overall, it was a disappointing meal, and next time we’ll just stop in for the advent calendar, which was the real reason for the visit.


For a great pulled pork sandwich, I like Ed’s Diner near the Miramar. Excellent US-style southern BBQ. Try their spicy sauce.


I tried Selfish Burger and was quite pleased with it. It’s not huge, but it wasn’t an expensive meal either. I didn’t have to add any ketchup to the burger, it tasted great without it. I think it was fried onions and a relish of some sort.

Their fries are pretty boring but they give you a sauce which I really liked. I couldn’t place the flavor; it tastes like it may have shellfish in it.

Their milkshakes are really, really small - I won’t bother getting one in future. They do have an interesting looking dessert burger (that I didn’t try).

I definitely prefer Burger & Co’s burger to Selfish’s in terms of taste, but the selfish burger was good regardless. Selfish Burger also has a great exterior facade and real nice atmosphere inside.

I also recently had a Mary’s Hamburger burger. It was pretty bad. I honestly don’t remember them being so boring but it had been 10 or so years since I had one.


Just remembered that I went to Burger & Co. about a year ago and promptly forgot about it because it was so mediocre. The burger was very small for the price, and nothing special. The fries were also pretty boring.

Also made another recent visit to 1885 Burger, and as usual was impressed by the quality and value. They also sell all day breakfast plates with generous portions, although the French toast is pretty insipid, as it almost always is in Taiwan, because they don’t allow time for the batter to soak all the way into the bread, which ruins the texture. A minor gripe in the scale of things though.


I beg to differ.

I think the price is just about right. Their one patty cheeseburger with no add-ons is 180NT. Yes, the patty is a little on the thin and small side, but the price tag reflects that. Most other burger places with a bigger patty and same amount of toppings is roughly 200-230NT.

Side note: I just went to Takeout Bar and Cafe near Tong Hua night market and it was a pretty good experience both food and service wise. 200-220NT for a descend sized burger and 30NT discount if you order to go!


OK, I’ll modify that: small for the price slash quality. Just was not impressed. As I recall they also have outdoor seating right in front of the entrance, so smoke from the smokers blows right into the restaurant. The place also seems to be run and staffed entirely by Millennials, so the service is pretty lackadaisical too.

I’ll have to try that Takeout place you mentioned, but probably not for a while. The urge to eat a hamburger doesn’t strike me that often.


[quote=“Dr_Milker, post:146, topic:32012, full:true”]
…they also have outdoor seating right in front of the entrance, so smoke from the smokers blows right into the restaurant. [/quote]

Free barbecue ambience!!! You got any idea what you pay for that in New York City???


I don’t think we’re talking about the same kind of smoke…burning flesh actually smells good, unless you’re a vegan or some other non-evolved life form. If I’m getting PM 2.5, I at least want it to smell nice.


Everyone has a different experience I guess.

Agreed on the burger craving. I wasn’t craving the burger on New Years day, but was too lazy to walk any further so we gave it a shot.

Non-evolved life form? How dare you!

He’s a surgically modified talking raccoon!


Not talking about Rocket of course…I’m sure he loves the smell of burning flesh in the morning!


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And Burger and Co. grinds their own beef and doesn’t overcook the burger. They make their own bread and cut their own fries. I was just there yesterday. It is small, but very juicy, and I don’t think I could eat a larger one. Or at least I shouldn’t eat a larger one…


You will eat a larger one.

Usually if I’m in the mood, I go with the double bacon cheeseburger. It always hits the spot. I sometimes wish they had more choice in terms of burgers though.


You should try the Green Hornet in Xindian/Bitan. The best and a great price.


Burger Ray was quite good recently. It’s build your own so you can add all the lettuce, tomato, onion, etc. that you want on a good quality burger.

Hard to eat out of a basket though so I just put mine on the table.


I’ve checked their website and they have a store in Shilin. I’ll be there later this week, do you know their business hours?


There is a burger ray in Xinyi, in the original mall there a11 in the food court.


Burger ray for me. Best burger I had in Taiwan.


Google maps shows hours for everyplace.

Burger Ray 士林店



Awesome that’s like 50 meters from where I have to go xD Will definitely try it, thanks!