What's the very BEST damned burger in Taipei?


If you’re after a regular burger, try to figure out what you want from Burger Ray before you go. You can spend a while trying to figure out the menu. It’s kind of a ‘construct-your-own’ deal and I personally haven’t figured out what tastes best. If I remember right, the standard burger is just cheese, lettuce and tomato. Don’t think there is even a sauce. And it’s possible I’m mistaken about the cheese, but there are a lot of options. It’s fun if you’re in the mood.

They do have a few fancier options I’ve never tried.


I liked HIBurger. The other stuff is okay, but the burger was great.


I’ve had pretty good (if not great) pizza, but I’ve yet to have a really good burger in Taiwan. Passable ones, but nothing I’d order again. Then again I’m in Kaohsiung and our food options kinda suck compared to you lucky Taipei folk.


Yes, Kaohsiung burgers leave a lot to be desired. Can’t stand the over-reliance on pork, the dry buns, or the seemingly boiled, mushy consistency of the patties (I believe the pan is never hot enough). Best bet for me has been to go down to Jason’s at Kaohsiung Arena, get 2 or 3 of the small ground beef packages they have (you can also go to Carrefour to save some money, but that takes additional time). Go over to the cheese counter for some cheddar, gouda, whatever you’re into. Then, walk over to Flavor Field (the bakery) and get some mini Normandy rolls, the closest thing I’ve been able to find to a hamburger bun in this city. Then you take all that home and make some burgers yourself. It’s expensive, but when you gotta have a burger, you should have a burger.

I’m interested to hear your pizza recommendations. Opizza.us is still the best I’ve found (better than Andy’s and the 303, imo).


Hey there KS Burger lovers, have you tried the burgers at Foster Hewitt’s yet?


Yeah. Bun is usually too hard for me, unfortunately. Almost crunchy. And I haven’t been that impressed by the beef. I wouldn’t say no to it if someone offered to buy me one, however!


i think the best burger has to be the rice burger at mos burger. awesome!



I’m with you @MountainMaaaaan The best burger is the one you make yourself. Even better if you have a BBQ grill. Burger and Co. grinds their own beef and they don’t overcook it. Their fries are also fresh cut. I have a meat grinder that I haven’t used yet. I tried a burger at Fanier https://goo.gl/maps/FnSEneQdrgJ2. If the looks count, it would win. The beef was dry and tastes like it had been frozen as well as the french fries. Beautiful looking though.


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But that’s all so wrong, MountainMaaaaan, because if you’re making your own, which is pathetically easy, it’s also CHEAP. Flour and yeast for buns cost next to nothing. Ground beef is cheap if you don’t buy it at an overpriced place like Jason’s. And so on. And cheese is cheap at Costco, much cheaper than elsewhere. You can grate and freeze it if the portions are too large for you.


Hehe, that all is true; however, I don’t have time for any of that (or rather, won’t make time for that). Spending ~600 NT for some burgers every month or three is just fine to me if it means I can pick everything up after work in one place in about 30 minutes. That said, I will make the trip for cheaper beef if it’s convenient.

And if it is so easy to make them, I wish every restaurant that attempts to do so on the Southern half of this island would quit messing around and put out something decent. But my standards are high.

I do wish I had an oven to make bread and other oven-type things in, though. That would be nice.


Don’t tease us, recipes!


lolll, i was indeed only trolling


Back when i was still on the rock, i tended to go places i could park my car. And the Grand Hotel was one such place. And on the second floor there was a little cafe. Which had decent burgers and the best steak sandwhiches I have had anywhere ! Plus the coffee was “endless refill”. Things may have changed though. Anyone been there lately?


I vote Burger Rays. They don’t overcook the meat and I like the bun options. I like all the options. The beer choices aren’t total shit either.


I chanced upon Thefreen Burger the other day in the basement of Taipei Main (in the concourse between the MRT and the railway station). A very pleasant surprise. Good bread, good meat, good taste overall. Will definitely go back!


So I went to Friday’s (TGIF) the other day and had a bacon cheese burger. Yeah, it’s a bit expensive there, but it was a damn good burger (hand-pattied) with real, crispy bacon! Seriously, the bacon made the burger. None of that 火腿 you get everywhere else. REAL BACON! :2cents:


KGB, a New Zealand style burger place near Taipower building station, deserves consideration. Many burger selections, e.g. with SE Asian flavorings. Their chocolate shakes are especially good.


I always get the burger at fridays. It’s not the best burger but it is filling and the best bang for your buck there.