What's this all about ?! Lianzhan/Wangjinping

This was a shocker - I’m in the mainland right now; saw this story in the morning -

news.phoenixtv.com/taiwan/200611 … 2134.shtml

I have no idea what it’s all about. What does it say ?

Erm NSFW warning! Small nudie pics to the side of the page.

A quick Babelfish translation tells me it’s some more political bolloxs.

The article is about a bunch of pan-blue legislators calling on Lian Zhan to run for president again in 2008.

I don’t see why Ma lets these nuts in the Wang/Song/Lian camp run their mouths off like this. Considering how much public support Ma has and how little those other guys have (look at the opinion polls for the Taibei mayoral elections. Ma protege Hao is beating Song like a red-headed stepchild) he should be stomping that faction heavily in the nuts.

This could all be a run-up to a repeat of the 2000 election, where a Lian/Wang ticket siphons off just enough votes from Ma/whoever, allowing Annette “Hello Kitty” Lu to be elected president in 2008.

According to the TV news item I heard this morning, this is supposed to be some kind of plot by the KMT’s bentu (native) faction - if such a faction really exists. James Song doesn’t quite fit the bill, being neither a native Taiwanese nor a member of the KMT. Anyway it sounds like the local media don’t have enough news to report so they are making it up for themselves.

p.s. What is the connection between Annette Lu and Hello Kitty? Do you want to know which Taiwanese politician drives around in a Hello Kitty theme car? I will tell you over a drink at the next Forumosa Happy Hour!

Sounds like we’re in for a whole lot more fun. Politics back home will never be the same again.

Neither do I. The most important task for a leader of a political party is to make sure that the party speaks with one voice in important matters and project an image of unity, while keeping the infighting under the carpet. Ma has filed miserably at this, and that makes me question his abilities as a leader.

It’s more likely to be Su, actually. Yes, by doing so he opens up the risk for a 3 way race.

However, given his credentials as a ESR, I have a hard time seeing him losing to a rival WSR ticket.

The danger would be if Wang Jinping came out on a “moderate” platform, that could cost him a bit of te middle ground.

I think tha the allows the disunity because he does not lead with the forcefulness and the ruthlessness needed in politics. He’s afraid that a tougher leadership of the KMT is going to cause a significant split, thus endangering his chanes even more in 2008.

I thiink he’s mistken on this, and that his refusal to stomp out overt criticism from within the party he leads might well cost him the victory in 2008.

Well, the KMT saw “independent” KMT leaders as third party candidates in 1996 and 2000, so it wouldn’t be surprising if something similar happened this time around. Soong is bound to get killed in Taipei, so he’ll be in the ring in 2008.

Is this really a “ben tu” thing? It looks like its the KMT Machine axis of Lien/Wang against the Deep Blue ideologues led by Ma. The way I read it, the ben tu faction are simply dupes of either side, though if Wang ran against Ma they might revolt – but then everyone has to know that Wang is close to Soong.

It’s enough to give me a headache, speculating on this.

So, Lien Chan, the man who shook hands with Hu Jintao and proclaimed to the world that it’s the KMT’s goal to fight Taiwanese independence… isn’t a “Deep Blue ideologue”? Very generous of you!