What's this machine on the road side?


It made beeping sound every few seconds.


Looks like a portable speeding camera…wearing a raincoat.


You’re kidding, right?

That’s what it’s used by Taiwanese police for getting my money.


That’s why you need to slow down when you see them.



Speedin’ camera!


It’s actually stationary, but…


That’s why when in the past I saw a sign saying speed camera ahead , I ignored it because I had done a sweep ahead of time and determined there was no fixed camera so I figured it was a fake sign to get people to slow down.

What I didn’t know is that sign can also mean the cops can pull out that portable camera at any time and put it in that signed zone. One night at 3am I blew by one of those portable cameras, got a $1800 bill in the mail.

Before that portable camera you’d probably see a triangle red sign with a camera picture warning of that. It must be signed legally or you can appeal and get the ticket tossed.

That puppy is going to catch a lot of people for many weeks because like me they figure there is no fixed camera there so people will fly by, they will make a killing.
Once people realize it’s there they will move it


Or they can use an anonymous car with speeding camera, parked on the road side.


I have a sneaking suspicion the government would go bankrupt without the cash flows from the speeding camera racket.


In the city too?
I’ve only seen that on the highway


If it was about safety they would actually stop the drivers and apply some type of points system to them.
$$$$$$ City Hall $$$$$ :slight_smile:


I think they actually decrease safety. Every time I pass one, I’m looking at my speedometer instead of the road.


It’s your friend if you’re a pedestrian.

If you drive past in a car above the speed limit, it’s not your friend. Equip yourself with a baseball bat and say hi.


I sometimes think the same way, but it’s ultimately the driver’s fault. Sometimes we are just selfish cows.


Taiwan driving etiquette 101. :grin:


TBH I have also thought plenty of times of hitting the shit out of some radars. It would be great if cops spend some effort on going after some other dangerous behaviours…


True, there’s a lot of dangerous driving that occurs within the speed limit.


Women’s driving, for example. Although that’s under the lower speed limit most of times.


Waiting for the moderator now… :smiley: