What's this machine on the road side?


Bad MM…


Fixed that one


I have driven in Taiwan for 1 year and 8 months and not gotten a single speeding ticket because…I don’t exceed the speed limit.


I think they’d go bankrupt first if they stopped taxing your hard work everyday.

Speeding cameras income makes a lot more sense !
I’d rather they have a camera on every traffic light instead of dipping into my pay cheque.


Yeah, cheating it’s easier.


I rarely get tickets because I…

Memorize where all the cameras are and slow down for them, and resume my usual speed thereafter


Pretty sure it’s this:


btw : “top secret anal intruder” isn’t a Google search I was expecting to do on the bus this morning.


Thing is, it’s not either/or. They need both to stay afloat.


I know that, but one has beneficial aspects to it. The other is just taking my hard earned.

Just pointing out how society accepts some things and not others.


Less money to spend on hookers and blow. :grin:


Wow! Record!
I’ve 20+ years here and 20+ years in Europe, had one speeding ticket in …GERMANY!


That’s not going to work in Europe anymore, many places have ‘zone speed calculation’, between point A and B (several km apart) they calculate your average speed. It’s marked as ’ speed zone’.


Why not, exactly?


I heard from a friend that maps with speeding camera locations can be found online.


Driving slowly is a luxury for me :blush: only very few speeding tickets . Friends actually comment on why I am being so cautious whilst driving , as a scooter shoots in front of us moments later :smirk:


It’s the kind of thing I prefer to search at a busy mrt station. Every atoha in taiwan is bound to end up on Apple daily / taiwan news for a reason or the other.
When it comes to my turn, I hope it will involve top secret anal intruder shenanigans.


Be careful what you wish for. Looking forward to your headline! Hopefully, no “boofing” will be involved…


Shame on you for speeding in Germany.


That sucks.
Taiwan could easily implement that on the highway with that fancy ETC system they have. City roads would be pretty hard to do with everyone turning off at various spots.

I wouldn’t be so against having this system on the highway, im quite sick of the idiots racing high powered cars at night and nobody seems to stop them. I wouldn’t really care if it was empty road straight line racing but those tools will race in heavy traffic weaving in and out.


There is an App on google play literally called “Speed Camera” that has them all mapped out. Obviously wont work against those mobile traps.