What's to doo in singapoo?

I’ve been pestering one of my students to try solo travel for a change and last week he called me on it, said “OK show me how” and bought two tickets to Singapore. We’ll be there Monday - Friday. Problem is I don’t know a thing about the place…

If anybody has any suggestions as to what sort of fun might be had there in that time that’d be great. Best museums, beaches, crazy nightcubs…

Check the Singapore threads in the travel forum :wink:

oops! :blush:

Show him the clean but oh-so-sterile housing complexes, take him to the offices of the Straits Times and give him a lesson on freedom of the press, organize a protest (you’ll probably need at least one other person, though, to be absolutely certain of arrest), that kind of thing.

Or, they have some very cool Indian markets, there’s the zoo which is pretty good, take a ferry to one of the resort islands – as Iris said, there’s a good lot of info in the travel forum.

Oh, almost forgot – make sure he pays for everything. :wink:

[Must see's and do's in Singapore and Malaysia---Advice please!
[Top Ten Things to Do in Singapore
[Best Places to Visit in Singapore

He better pay for everything as I can barely afford a free vacation!

Oh, and thanks Iris!

Clean streets and drivers that stop for pedestrians would be a relevation to anyone from Taiwan. :wink:

Sentosa Island, for sure. Nice beaches there, an amazing aquarium.

In fact, if you’re travelling there on Singapore Air, they might even throw in some things for free. It might be worth checking with your agent.
eg. I got a free river boat tour and one night’s free accommodation in a very nice hotel, but that was a couple of years ago.

Take him to Orchard Towers. :smiling_imp: He’ll end up not going solo at the end of the night if he plays his card right. Hell, he might end up taking two ladies home with him.

Do the following

  1. Night safari
  2. Mohammed Sultan Road Pub Crawl
  3. Boat Quay dinners
  4. Sentosa Island
  5. Orchard Road Shopping

Lewd activities
1.Orchard Towers
2. Ferry Ride to Indonesian Island of Batam (45 minutes away)

Yes, but he gotta PAY for those 2 ladies! If that’s the kind of entertainment you’re looking for, then Orchard Towers it is. If not, better stick to the ones around the Mohammed Sultan Road. First Page, Next Page, Carnegies (WAY better than the one here in Taipei). Go on Wed nite, it’s ladies nite and they serve champagne to the ladies. Its crowded, packed and fun and everyone is happy.

Don’t forget the local food! Go to Newton Circus for their famous Chilli Crabs or Black pepper Crabs. Go to any hawker centers/food courts and try the local favourites like Roti Canai, Hainanese Chicken Rice, Hokkien Noodles, Laksa, Mee Jawa for example.

Wouldn’t bother with the food you find in Boat Quay/Clarke Quay - touristy and overpriced. However, would recommend a place there which is called Brewerks. It brews its own beer and is pretty good place to chill and hang out and of course enjoy a good brew!

Have a good trip! Wished I was going too! :rainbow: