What's up with the price of second-hand goods here?

So many people list their second hand stuff online for almost retail price with a very tiny amount shaved off. Why are people buying from them instead of getting a guaranteed new product from a trusted vendor that’s still in warranty? Is this a Taiwan thing or an Asia thing?

If you list something ordinary as second-hand in the UK, you’ll be lucky to get much more than 50% of the retail price unless it’s literally unused and still sealed in the box.


I can only sell my stuff for 1/2 or less retail price. Furniture seems to only sell for 1/5 or less

I think Taiwanese are just more money savvy and want to get a good deal

That’s not being more money savvy. It’s just being unrealistic because more often than not the product won’t sell. This is usually the case with people who are not used to selling used stuff. They often try and recoup what they spent in the first place. A money savvy person will understand that the longer they hold onto something, the less it will of value to someone (in most cases).

I think it VERY much depends on what the “thing” is.

You also have to consider the current economic climate. There are supply shortages. Prices in general are rising. And a lot of people are sitting on large amounts of money, while others have run out. So it’s a very very weird market right now.

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They expect a lowball offer then begin to negotiate. If you see something you like offer half what you want to pay and expect to negotiate. Lots of feints and fake walk offs like you see in the Taiwanese soap operas.

If its a branded product they may pay top dollar.
Believe it or not anything from Ikea…Decathalon they may pay well.

Otherwise there are lots of lowballing cheapskates here. Trying to sell stuff is a pain

Yeah I will never understand secondhand shopping logic here. I’ve been to a number of second hand shops in Taipei and Tokyo in the past decade where a Jansport backpack with a huge tear and broken zipper, held together by safety pins, will have a price of ~US$160, or a pair of Timberlands with a huge hole on the sole is US$200. I’ve seen Goodwill and Marshall’s tags on merchandise (yes, they didnt even remove the price tags from the US store they bought them from) that is less than half what the store in Taiwan/Japan is asking for. Ive seen people get really excited about lamps and tables at that “European Flea Market” near Costco Neihu that are probably 10x more than they would cost if you flew to Europe and personally watched an artisan handcraft/smelt/carve the item for you and then flew back in first class with said item in the seat next to you.

So, either people are suckers or they just like to pay a heck of lot for things that I could find sitting next to any dumpster in any American city


You’re supposed to haggle.

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There are reasons taiwan is so wealthy.

Save save buy land and and thungs that make you look rich. A pretty solid strategy

I think in the forums and on FB you only see what people are selling, not what people are buying. So we really have no idea what people will actually buy or pay for 2nd hand tat. The sellers post ‘sold’ notices… are they genuine? Who knows!

I got two things when i tried to sell a fair priced camera and other things: low ball offers from tire kickers or crickets. Maybe i wasn’t motivated enough. Dunno.