What's up with Tinder?

They’ve revamped the app or maybe using AI (artificial intelligence) to enhance the pictures because it seems every single picture looks Fantastico.

welcome to the world of mobile phone cameras that don’t actually take a photo of the subject, but just make something up on the basis of roughly what’s in front of the lens. I’ve tried one. It makes me look like a Men’s Health cover model instead of a greying old codger.


Lucky you. With my white face and red nose, those apps make me look like a drunk corpse.


Yes they automatically put beauty intensity high on all the phones now or something.
You turn it off and age five years or more lol.

Ah well, at least it’s 50% correct :slight_smile:


Not a problem of correctness. It doesn’t bring in matches!

Really? I would have thought there are plenty of drunks on Tinder. Possibly also a few corpses.

Maybe also one or two who have a thing for corpses.

Guess regular drunk people look more like Men’s Health cover models.

No, they just think they do.

I know somebody who posts pictures of herself on a near-daily basis on Facebook (and, I’m assuming, every other possible place) and it’s fun to scroll through her wall to see the advancement of apps. She currently looks somewhat alien with eyes that are 3x their original size - I can’t imagine meeting somebody online and not laughing when they look nothing like their picture.

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Can you be more specific like with an example pic or something?

If you have an app that makes you look like a men’s health cover model then

I want that

Sadly, it’s only the photo that looks like that.

I didn’t actually keep the photo. This was a friend’s phone. I would never spend money on such pointless sorcery.

But if you ever manage to acquire a time-travel machine from a dodgy online Russian military surplus store, let me know.

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True, I’ve seen some scary pics of Forumosans here, like with huge round bulging eyes and straight-as-a-line lips

I’ve been doing some research, and have come up with what I believe to be the ultimate tinder profile for catfishi- I mean for a female user. What do you think?

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You forgot the IG and Snapchat.

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Is that what the kids call a THOT? She seems like she’s showing off her bust out of insecurity and her write-up makes her seem like someone you’d have fun with physically, but get very tired of intellectually once the initial fun is over.

If she’s even real that is, which is probably unlikely in the first place.

It seems like a bot that has borrowed from all the most cliche things people write in their tinder bios.

A lot of men on Tinder probably didn’t even get to the text part.

Lol, it is the result of my research. Not a real profile.

I wouldn’t.
She’s got a good face :ok_hand: