What's with the high beams?

Headlights (or highbeams, especially) only serve two functions to most on this island:

  1. To help you, the driver, (and only you, the driver) to see. (If you can see, you don’t need headlights, no matter how dark your car is or how idiotically you drive. You may need to turn them on occationally to see the dashboard when approaching a speed trap. If other drivers can’t see you, it’s their own fault for not using THEIR headlights.)

  2. To look like a very rich, “high-class” gangsta (wannabe). Very effective when weaving and “zooming”; makes the philistines get outta the way quickly and efficiently (in the rare event that they happen to realize the function of their rearview mirrors).

Unless there’s some reason I’m not aware of. Anyone?

Add yours to Homey’s and we have it covered.

[quote=“Homey”]Two factors:

  1. They are Idiots

  2. They are rude

This formula actually explains 90% of what you see here. (or elsewhere)[/quote]

Somewhere I’ve read “If you have two headlight settings and one is brighter, Why on Earth would you ever use the other one?”
Maybe it’s written in the analects of Confucius? I swear I’ve read it somewhere.