What's with these Geographical Markers Appearing everywhere?

I’ve been here a while and noticed the occasional Geographical control marker as we called then back in the US. But recently I see them appearing everywhere? Is this part of a mapping project?
Often these markers are just painted right on roads, bike trails etc with a code number and an arrow facing north.IMG_20190823_172707

I believe these are being installed by PRC sleeper agents. Their purpose is to divide Taiwan up into neat parcels of land prior to invasion. These will be handed out as a reward to soldiers of the invasion force on the successful subjugation of the island to the forces of the motherland.

Or perhaps yes, it’s something to do with maps.

You choose.


you are eeeeviiilll

That marker says British Telecom (BT).

Don’t worry , I have yet to meet anyone in Taiwan who know the difference between North / South/East/ West . :wink:It is superfluous to everyday functioning

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People here and mostly anywhere in the world except for the US use compass directions when telling you where to go … like ‘go south on the …’ for me that’s a weird concept. Just tell me, I don’t care if it’s south, north, east or west.

taizhong city dali land admin bureau map root point

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If only. We did a far better job than your lot in the Congo.

Thank you for the insult!

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It only works when the roads are in a grid layout.

Try telling someone to go North on one of these roads


Ok, go north on Anping Road