What's wrong with Cincinnati?

I’ve seen people on this forum refer to Cincinnati as… well… What’s up with it? What exactly is the common perception of the place in the USA?

Sorry, all that springs to mind is Dr. Johnny Fever from WKRP.

PS. Here’s another of your fine citizens:

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It’s a big city and there is really nothing famous there. I don’t have a negative perception of it at all, more like not much of anything springs to mind.

Oh my! Look, the OP is just inquiring as to the perception of cincy in the US. There’s no need to go insulting cincy by confusing it with the mistake by the lake.

That was low.

One observation I will share is that the people who live in cincy seem to be the most clueless population in the world with respect to the game of American football. Their blindly-placed faith in their hapless team, the bungles, is a never-ending source of despair and dismay and this in turn causes them to be a rather dour group of people.


I grew up in the county just north of Cincy. It was The Big City" for me in my youth.
Nice place except during the infamous ‘Dog Days’ of summer - late July thru late August - when it is so hot & humid you can see steam actually see steam rising up off the Ohio River.
Has a few nice parks; one in particular is quite beautiful…Eden Park. Some nice ‘festivals’ there and a Conservatory for plants.
Some nice neighborhoods…Mount Adams is pretty ‘quaint’…its the old hippie nest so its evolved into yuppie-dom and now into a ‘Historic’ district.
Some other nice parks in the surrounding communities.
Its an historic German city…once its name was ‘Pokopolis’ because of all the hogs raised, butchered and made into sausage there.
Its grown slowly…spreading east and north, but its limited due to its being locked in by otther cities that are adjacent to it.

Personally, in Ohio, I like Columbus the best. But thats just my opinion.

Football in Cincinnati? Do they actually have a team? I think there was once a quarterback there who became an underwear model…?

But they have the BEST TEAM IN BASEBALL…[color=RED]THE REDS!!![/color]

cincy? a claim to fame? why…why…that is where future hall of fame manager Dusty Baker now hangs his hat. by now his son should be old enought to be a batboy (again).

The fact that articles like this remain while even serious news articles about Canadian politics are sent to te temporary forum is proof that Cincinatti is more important and relevant on the world scene than the entire country of Canada. It is also proof that there are more expats from Cincinatti in Taiwan than from Canada. And that the population if Cincinattti is larger than the population of Canada’s (this probably isn’t far off actually)

Tow insignificant places,…but one of them is American! USA really is #1 I guess.

Looks like a University of Cincinatti professor won the Nobel Peace prize in 2000. The last time a Canadian won the Nobel Peace Prize was over 50 years ago. I guess Cincinatti wins!

Thanks for your replies, I’m getting an image of a place where nothing really happens. Still life.

Like some have said above, Cincinnati (notice the spelling) doesn’t exactly have a lot of sights. I went to college near there and it was a “big city” escape for us, however.

For a while, it was known for its very conservative morals regarding things like art. Particularly, there was an exhibition of Robert Mapplethorpe photography there in the late 80s or early 90s, and I believe it was shut down after complaints of lewdness. I guess it bothered the fine people of Cincy to see a man with a bullwhip inserted in his butt. (I think that was indeed one of the controversial images.)

I was downtown Cincinnati with a Russian friend on the day of the verdict in the Rodney King trial, which sparked a hell of a lot of racial unrest in the US. I remember walking past a group of young black guys. One of them steps out of the group and points a gun at me…and fires. It was a water pistol…but it was a bit of a shock.

I spent a large portion of my childhood and most of my adolescence just 30 minutes north of the 'Nati. Going to the city was a treat. The children’s hospital there is why I am still alive as it is one of the top research hospitals in childhood cancer.

I remember the one year the Bungles in the Jungle made it to the Superbowl…I wore my Bart Simpson Bengals shirt religiously and my mom had the Who Dey single. Mind you, I was a huge Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan when I was a preschooler in St. Petersburg, Florida.

I really, really miss Skyline/Gold Star chili and Cassano’s pizza right now. The local food there is so good. I’m not a huge fan of pork, but nothing beats Queen City Sausages or Montgomery Inn ribs. I remember the thrill I always get when I cross the bridge from Kentucky (usually from the “Cincinnati” International Airport in Lexington, Kentucky) and catching the first glimpse of the city skyline.

Mark Twain supposed said, “When the end of the world comes, I want to be in Cincinnati because it’s always twenty years behind the times.”

My kinda city.

Thanks for waxing lyrical, ImaniOU. I’d forgotten about Skyline Chili!! We used to drive from Springfield (Wittenberg) just for that!

Anyway, I’m from the Detroit area, so Cincinnati kind of feels like Singapore by comparison…